अर्ध कुम्भ मेला २०१९ | इलाहाबाद अर्धकुम्भ मेला

अर्ध कुम्भ का सुयोग प्रयागराज इलाहाबाद जिस वर्ष माघ की अमावस्या वाले दिन वृश्चिक राशि में गुरु और मकर राशि में सूर्य चंद्र होते है, उस वर्ष तीर्थराज प्रयाग (इलाहाबाद) में अर्धकुम्भ पर्व का सुयोग बनता है | त्रिवेणी घात संगम पर स्नान दानादि का भारी महत्त्व पद्मपुराण में लिखा है | पुण्यार्जन पारित्वेन कल्पकल्पान्तरों […]

Kumbh Mela – UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Performing Aarti Kumbh Mela 2013

The Kumbh Mela was declared as India’s ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ by UNESCO on 8 December 2017. The event was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UN body. The annual congregation of pilgrims was one of the 33 new additions to the list this year. The list includes […]

Paush Bada Utsav | Bada Festival during Poush Month in Jaipur

Paush Bada Utsav is a month long festival celebrated during Paush month in Rajasthan especially in Jaipur city. In 2017-2018, Paush Bada Utsav (Poush mahina) starts on December 4, 2017 and ends on January 2, 2018. This festival is celebrated to welcome winter season in a grand manner. Paush mahina is considered as happiest month […]

Kapal Mochan Mela during Kartik Purnima – Karthik Poornima Fair

Kapal Mochan Mela is the famous religious fair held during Kartik Purnima at Bilaspur in Yamunanagar district of Haryana. It is celebrated for last four days in the month of Kartik. Kapal Mochan Mela 2017 dates – mela starts on November 1 and ends on 4 November. Kapal Mochan Mela concludes on Kartik Poornima day. Approximately one […]

Kullu Dussehra 2017 | Dussehra celebrations in Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh

Kullu Dussehra

Dussehra celebrations in Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most famous Dussehra celebrations in India. In 2017, Kullu Dussehra begins on September 30 and ends on October 7. This festival is one of the biggest traditional and cultural celebrations of India. Kullu Dushara is a festival celebrated with a difference, as when Dussehra […]

Jhaljhoolni Gyaras Mela, Charbhuja Nathji Temple in Rajasthan

Jhaljhoolni Gyaras Mela at Charbhuja Nathji Temple in Rajasthan is one of the biggest fairs of the state. In 2017, Charbhuja Jhaljhoolni Gyaras Mela date is September 2. A large fair is held in the village on Jhaljhoolni Gyaras every year. Thousands of devotees come here for worship of lord Charbhuja and get blessings from […]

Naina Devi Mela 2017 at Naina Devi Temple, Himachal Pradesh

Naina Devi Mela is celebrated with utmost gusto at Naina Devi Temple, Naina Devi of Bilaspur district in Himachal Pradesh. In 2017, Naina Devi Mela date July 31. Shravan Ashtami Mela is considered most visited fair at Naina Devi Temple. In 2017, Shravan Navratri dates are – July 24 to August 1. Naina Devi Mela […]

Gai Jatra 2017 | Gai Jatara Festival Celebrations in Nepal

Gai Jatra is one of the most celebrated festivals in Nepal. Gai Jatra is celebrated in the Nepali Bhadra month (August – September) or Shravan Maas. In 2017, GaiJatra date is August 23. Usually, Gai Jatra festival is celebrated on the next day to Janai Purnima or Shravan Purnima. Gai Jatara celebrates the procession of cows, […]

Maa Chintpurni Sawan Mela 2017

Mata Chintpurni Mela is a very popular Mela held at Chintpurni Mata Temple, in Himachal Pradesh. In 2017, Mata Chintpurni Sawan Mela date is July 31. Shravan Ashtami is the important day in this Mela. Actually, Chintpurni Mela begins on the first day of Shravan Month (24 July 2017) (Shravan Shukla Paksha) and ends on 8th […]

Special Trains for Mahadevshal Temple Shravan Month Mela

As per South Eastern Railway ( SER), about half a dozen trains would stop for one month from July 9 to August 8 at Mahadevshal, a popular religious site in neighbouring West Singhbhum district during Shravan Month. The trains will halt for two minutes. Officials of South Eastern Railway said that Chakradharpur-Rourkela Passenger will stop […]