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Gogaji Fair 2016, Goga Medi Fair or Goga Navami Mela in Rajasthan

goga maharaj

goga maharaj

Gogaji Fair or Gogaji Mela or Goga Navami Mela is one of the annual fairs held in Rajasthan. This Mela is held at Goga Medi in Ganganagar district. Gogaji Mela is celebrated from Goga Navami to the Ekadashi day in Bhadrapada month (August – September) as per North Indian calendar.

Gogaji Mela 2016 starts on August 26 and ends on August 28. This fair is an annual event to display the honor to Gogaji who is believed as a Serpent God in Rajasthan.

Gogaji Fair is a colourful Mela in which music, songs, cattle fairs, and all other ethnic essence of Rajasthan stand as highlights. Devotees worship Gogaji during the fair and they believe that chanting his name can cure a snake bite.

Gogaji Mela is held at Gogamedi at which place he went into Samadhi. Devotees offer coconuts, special food items made with sugar, and money. This is the most vibrant fairs in Rajasthan which attracts thousands of pilgrims from all across India.

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