Women are not Weaker

Durga Mata face HD

Durga Mata face HD

As per the sayings of Mahatma Gandhi, Women are not considered as the weaker sex. They are working in various fields, and have got good motivation and interest in discharging their duties than the men. Women have gone even to the space, and proved their braveness.

Nowadays women cannot be controlled or disturbed by men, since they are having the capacity to stand on their own legs. They would never get afraid of men, and never would tolerate the wrong doings of the men. Any Physical or verbal abuse caused to women by the men would subject to imprisonment.

Women are considered as the divine incarnations of Mata Shakti, and they must be properly treated, and given good respect. Men should not underestimate them, and should not get doubt on their activities. Women must be given complete freedom in the world, and there is no need for them to depend on men. Mostly women would never make any unnecessary fights with men, and they are considered as the soft and gentle creations of the god.

As per the story of Mata Kannaki, who burnt the entire Madurai region for the death punishment given to her innocent husband Kovalan by the Pandiyan King, we can understand that women are capable to destroy an entire region, country and even the entire world if anyone harms them.

The great woman saint, Mata Akka Mahadevi had dedicated her entire life in worshipping Lord Shiva, and through her good deeds she has attained SALVATION.

Present day women are only expecting the true love and affection from the men and they are not expecting the wealth from the men. They are taking care of them from their own money, and they are also contributing a major portion of their money towards household requirements.

We can take the example of Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai, Rani Mangamma and Velu Nachiyar who are the brave warriors and fought for the welfare of their own country. They loved their people so much, and treated them as their own child, and they had done lot of good things in their life for the welfare of their people.

Women are having great responsibilities than men,since they have to go to the office, earn money for the family, have to cook, take care of their children, and also to take care of their husband properly. Sometimes they also get stress due to excess work, at that time they may also get angry with their husband or with his relatives. The husband must understand the feelings of his wife, and must pacify her with his kind approach, since all the women are considered as the worshipful human beings in the world.


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