All women are Maa Shakti’s incarnations

women shakti incarnation

women shakti incarnation

All women are to be considered as the holy incarnations of Ma Shakti Devi, since women is the one who is giving birth to the child with much painstaking efforts and taking care of it properly, even when she is neglected by her husband. They are shining in all the fields, and occupy a major role in politics also.Ancient women used to cook in their homes, and they have not properly educated and also there were not employed, hence they have patiently bore the harm caused by the consorts, since they doesn’t know no other way to live, it they have been rejected by their husbands.

But nowadays most of the women are standing up on their own legs, and they are not depending on their husbands. They expect only the true love and a lovely smile from their consorts. They also help the family by contributing a portion of their income to the family. Though women don’t contain physical strength similar to men, but they contain more mental strength than that of men. They are the pillars for the family, and men must realize that.

Nowadays tolerance capacity is not there for both men and women, due to their hectic work schedule and also due to the changing life style. Men must respect the feeling of their consorts, and must act similar to a caring father. They should not disturb them during the times of their sickness and tiredness. Both of them should go together to various temples, in order to get fresh open air, and must talk open heartedly before the shrines of the divine deities. By doing that, they would get some mental relief, as well as they would have the feeling that the great almighty also hears the conversations made between them.

Human life is very short and most of the time, are spent in a dull manner. By making a cheerful smile and talking in a polite manner with their consorts, men are not going to lose anything in their life. Patience is the most important thing to be adopted by both husband and wife in order to avoid clashes in their life.

We must have to always keep it in our mind about the wordings of a good proverb, “THOSE WHO ADOPTS PATIENCE IN THEIR LIFE, WOULD BE CAPABLE TO RULE EVEN THE ENTIRE WORLD”.

Hence let us consider that all the women as the avatars of Ma Parashakti and let us treat them in a highly respectable manner.


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