Wolves in Hinduism | Wolf in Hindu Scriptures

Wolves are rarely mentioned in Hinduism. As per the holy text Bhagavata, Lord Krishna, in order to make the people of Vraja to shift them to Vrindavana, created a lot of terrible wolves from his body, which created fear in the minds of the people of Vraja and hence, they shifted to Vrindavana, as per the wishes of their master Lord Krishna.

Wolves are wild animals and they would create fear in the minds of other small animals. They attack goats and sometimes attack cows and buffaloes in order to make it as their prey. As per legend, it is believed that some demons like Namusi and Andhakasura had kept wolves as their vehicles. The details about wolves were mentioned in ancient Hindu texts also, and in the famous fairy tales children stories, the wolf was frequently mentioned.Wolves appear similar to big dogs, and sometimes it would fight with wild boar and jackals also. Though it is not considered that much popular when compared with other animals, yet it is highly praised for its braveness, sharpness and for its physical powers.

During British rule, some British people used to grow wolves in their homes, in order to safeguard their homes, and they have also kept some trained persons for taking care of wolves. But after some time, they replaced the wolves with dogs, since they found it very difficult to tame the wild wolves. Some ancient hunters would grow wolves in order to catch goats from the goat herd. They used to jump from one place to another at a rapid speed, and within a few minutes it would catch a big goat by using its sharp eyes.

In ancient texts, some demons used to take the forms of wolves in order to make the people to get panic. Since wolves are also created by the god, we can offer some food items to them whenever we meet them in the animal sanctuary and in the Zoo.


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  1. Sumanth Kuduvalli says:

    Please do not promote feeding either wild or captive animals. Not only will it interfere with the natural behaviour of the animal, it brings wild animals in contact with humans with drastic consequences.

    • Roelof Fuls says:

      Yes thank you.. Please dont feed wild animals. rather protect wolves by staying out of their way. Find out how wolves rescued the eco system in Alaska, … due to wolves river recovered, plants grow again and other animals can graze.
      I wish Hindu community would see wolves as servants to Ganesh and the rivers. If we understand that elephants create directions of rivers and that wolves help to maintain those rivers, maybe we can learn in human form how to get along better with people who are seem different than us.