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Wearing Ruby gemstone – Auspicious days, weight in carats, wearing finger, metal

ruby gemstone manikya padmaraga

ruby gemstone manikya padmaraga

Wearing Ruby gemstone – Auspicious days to wear Ruby (Padmaraga, Manikya stone), best weight in carats, which finger you should wear it on and which metal the ring should be made with?

Ruby is the gemstone of Sun. It is the chosen stone of leaders, kings and priests for its ability to guide and help make wise decisions.

Ruby is called with different names in different languages. It is known a s Padmaraga in Sanskrit, Rugal in Urdu, Manikya in Hindi, Manik in Marathi, and Yakrit in Persian.

It is believed that Ruby removes financial troubles, imparts prosperity, name and fame among the public. It is especially beneficial to those who aspire to have high position in office. Check more details about Ruby gemstone here..

Planet for Ruby stone – Sun (Ravi).

For Ravi doshas, as a remedy Ruby gemstone is worn.

Nature of Ruby stone – Hot

Finger in which to be worn – Ring Finger

Auspicious day to wear – Sunday (Ravivar)

Preferred metal in which the ring or other ornaments should be made – Gold

Weight of Ruby stone – 3 or 5 Rattis (3.1 carats).

The weight is measured in Rattis in most of the traditional jewelry stores in India. Based on the locations (North India, Central India, Western India & Eastern India), the measurement varies like for 100 Rattis = 90 to 94 Carats.

Substitute for Ruby gemstone – Corundum, Red Garnet stone.

Auspicious Days for wearing Ruby in 2017

4 June 2017

11 June 2017

25 June 2017

9 July 2017

16 July 2017

30 July 2017 (Till 8.07 AM)

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