Significance of Wearing Nose Ring in Hinduism

Nose Ring in Hinduism

Nose Ring in Hinduism

In general, wearing of nose rings is considered as an ancient practice in India. Wearing of nose rings is considered as a good act, and most of the women believe, that by wearing the holy nose rings, their lives and their life partner’s lives would go stronger.

In Hinduism, in some communities, the nose ring of a woman is removed after the death of her husband.Wearing of nose ring is also believed as an act of honouring the Goddess Ma Shakti Devi, who is considered as the Goddess of marriage.

But there is no compulsion of nose piercing for Indian women. At the present situation, some girls are disinterested to pierce their nose, by telling the reason, that it is an ancient practice, which didn’t suits for them in the present day world. Modern girls are ignoring the ancient practice of nose piercing, since some of them might feel some uneasiness in their nose.

But some women, who strictly follow the Indian traditions, would pierce their nose, by believing that it is the instruction given to them by Ma Shakti Devi. If we see the practice of nose piercing from scientific point of view, it would give good resistance to the body of women, and blood circulation levels also would be properly flown in their body.

If we see the pictures of the goddess like Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati, their nose would be pierced with golden nose rings. As per our holy texts, the divine celestial dancers in the heaven also would pierce their nose with beautiful nose rings, since it would add more beauty to them.

Still some Village Indian women used to consider their nose rings similar to the holy Mangalsutra, and treat it as a sacred object. In general, by wearing of nose rings, the women’s beauty would be added, and she would appear similar to Ma Shakti Devi. But it all depends on the mentality of the women, their nature, and their living habits.

Let us worship Ma Shakti Devi and be blessed.


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