Why Hindu Women wear Anklets | Significance of Anklets in Hinduism

An anklet, also called as Kolusu in Tamil, is a type of ornament worn by the ladies, around their ankle. Anklets are worn by the females since Vedic times. Anklets would be made out of gold and silver, and it is considered as a sacred ornament mainly wore by the ladies during the time of […]

Significance of Wearing Nose Ring in Hinduism

In general, wearing of nose rings is considered as an ancient practice in India. Wearing of nose rings is considered as a good act, and most of the women believe, that by wearing the holy nose rings, their lives and their life partner’s lives would go stronger. In Hinduism, in some communities, the nose ring […]

Kaustubha, divine Jewel of Lord Vishnu

Kaustuba is a divine jewel which is worn by Lord Vishnu who lives in Vaikunta. It is considered as the most precious jewellery in the entire universe according to the Hindu divine texts. When Devas and Demons were churning the Ocean of Milk in order to get the divine nectar, the most precious jewel Kaustuba […]

Divine Ornaments mentioned in Puranas

A pendant is a piece of jewellery, and it forms part of the necklace, and sometimes it would be worn by the person in his neck just by tying the holes of the pendant with a thread or small rope, without attaching it to the necklace. Pendant is also called as Dollar, and among the […]

Amulet in Hinduism | Thayathu | Taweez | Good Luck Charm

An amulet also known as Thayathu in Tamil, is a metal object, used for the treatment of patients, children, women and those who suffer from evil spirits, which took possession on their body, problems from black magic, and for getting rid from enemy related problems etc. This amulet would be given by the astrologers or […]