Why Hindu Women wear Anklets | Significance of Anklets in Hinduism

Anklet for Hindu women

Anklet for Hindu women

An anklet, also called as Kolusu in Tamil, is a type of ornament worn by the ladies, around their ankle. Anklets are worn by the females since Vedic times. Anklets would be made out of gold and silver, and it is considered as a sacred ornament mainly wore by the ladies during the time of their marriages, and most of them would not remove it till they attain old age.

In the great epic Silapathikaram, Sri IlangoAdigal, had written the life history of Kannagi. Kannagi was a pious and a chaste lady, who was married with Kovalan. After a few years of marriage, Kovalan separated from Kannagi and joined with Madhavi, who was a professional dancer. In course of time, Kovalan had realised his mistake, and again joined with Kannagi.

When he tried to establish a small business on his own, Kannagi gave one of her Anklet, in order to sell it for fetching some money. When Kovalan tried to sell the Anklet, he was caught hold by the guards of the Madurai King, and handed over him to the king.The king without making proper enquiry, suspected him to be a thief, and beheaded him. After knowing about all these incidents, Kannagi stood before the king in his court, and showed her another anklet, and proved that her husband was an innocent person.

In the above story, the anklet plays a vital role, with regard to proving the innocence of a person. In some temples of Shakti Devi, the sound of the anklet would be heard by the devotees during night times, and it is believed that the goddess Ma Shakti Devi,itself used to wear the holy anklet on both of her legs, and used to wander inside the temple premises.

In some ghost pictures, the anklet plays a major role. The picture of the ghost would be shown and it would wear anklets and used to attack the travellers during night times in the lonely places and in the burial grounds. But nowadays, all the women are not wearing anklets on their legs, since the modern women doesn’t want to exhibit themselves as ancient women, and they also consider themselves similar to men, and we have to highly appreciate them for that, since nowadays women are shining in all the fields and they are also very clever than men in all aspects.


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