Watch Eyes of God whenever you are in Trouble



Whenever we are in any trouble, we can watch the eyes of the almighty, in order to at least temporarily get relieved from our problems. Ma Shakti Devi is popular known as thousand eyed goddess, and she is worshipped as Ayiram Kannathal, in some temples in Tamil Nadu. During Navaratri festival days, Ma Durga’s Eyes alone would be painted in some Durga Devi temples, especially in North India.

Eyes are very important organ for us, and without having vision in our eyes we cannot do anything in our life. Due to bad karmas, some people would be born as blind, and till their death, there is almost impossible for them to get vision in their eyes. Lord Indra, the god of heaven, is having thousands of eyes in his body, and he can be worshipped sincerely in order to get powerful vision in our eyes.

The great Kannappa Nayanar, had plucked his eyes, when he saw oozing of blood in the Shiva Lingam. Similarly Kooratazhvar, an Alvar saint, had lost both of his eyes, when he was punished by a king, and due to the grace of Lord Vishnu, after some time, he got back the vision in both of his eyes.

Lord Krishna’s eyes would be generally described as lotus eyes, and he is also known as Kamala Kannan. In the present day world, we are regularly facing lot of problems in our life, like poor health, family and office problems, unemployment problems etc. In order to overcome from those problems, we must keep sincere bhakti on the almighty, and we must have to regularly develop the habit of watching his eyes in our puja room pictures, and the idols present in the temples.

By looking at him, we would get some sense of satisfaction, and we would feel that god is safeguarding us like a protective shield. I used to regularly watch the eyes of Guru Raghavendra picture, which is kept in my puja room. By looking at the holy guru, we would feel great safety, and we can expect him, that he would come with us in our every walk of life.


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