Akshaya Tritiya Daana (Donations, Charities on Akshaya Tritiya)

Akshaya Tritiya Daana – Donations, Charities or giving on Akshaya Tritiya has very significant merits. In Ancient Scriptures, it is mentioned that donating a particular thing on Akshaya Tritiya has some special merit…

Here is the list…

Jala Daanam (donating water) is for wealth.

Shayana Daanam (donating bed – cot and bed sheets) gives all happiness

Vasthra Daanam (donating clothes) gives long life

Kumkum daanam (donating vermillion) gives best position in life and also long life for husband

Chandana daanam (donating sandalwood) prevents accidents

Thamboolam- It makes a man as ruler of a nation

Naarikela Daanam (donating coconut) gives salvation to forefathers.

Butter milk daanam (donating curdmilk) gives ability to study high.

Udakumbha Daanam (donating water in silver vessel with safron, Tulasi with betul nut) gives desired results for those who wants to get marry or those who wants to have a child.

Padaraksha (donating slippers) will prevent us from going to hell after death.

Chatra Daanam (donating umbrella) will remove many obstacles in life.

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