Vyasaraja Thirtha Aradhana 2018

Vyasaraja Thirtha Aradhana is celebrated in Phalguna Masa as per Kannada / Telugu calendar. In 2018, Vyasaraja Thirtha Aradhana date is March 5.

Shri Shri 1008 Vyasaraja Theertharu Aradhana is on 5th March, Monday (Phalguna Bahula Chaturthi)..

Brindavana is in Nava Brindavana. Best route is to go to Hospet by train or bus and then take a bus to Anegondi or Venkatapura from where one can take a boat to Nava Brindavana.

Vyasaraja Theertharu does not need any introduction, we are sure. He was one of the greatest in the lineage of Sri Madhwacharya. He was an avatara of Shanku Karna who was born as Prahlada Raya and later as Shri Raghavendra Swamy.

He was known for many things. He has written many works to establish Tatvavada also known as Dwaita philosophy. He was the guru of as many as 3 kings during the Vijayanagara samrajya including Krishna Deva Raya.

At one time when there was a bad time called Kuha Yoga that happened which was supposed to affect the king (Krishna Deva Raya). Shri Vyasarajaru occupied the throne for that short period thus ensuring the king was not affected. To remember this even today in Vyasaraja Math, an evening darbar is held.

Shri Vyasaraja Theertharu also worshipped at Tirupathi for 12 full years when he did daily pooja to Venkataramana Swamy. He also installed as many as 732 Anjaneya statues across the length and breadth of India (a large number of them in South India). Of these 365 are in a place called Penagonda in Andhra Pradesh. The rest are spread across many places in Karnataka, Andhra and Tamil Nadu with a few in Kerala also. He also gave diksha to Purandara Dasaru and was instrumental in getting so many devara namas to be written by Purandara Dasaru.

His ashrama gurugalu is Brahmanya Theertharu (Abbur). Shri Vyasarajaru also opened a pooja box which was not opened for many years from which a Krishna idol came out and started dancing. On being seen by others, the Krishna idol froze as it was. That idol is the main samsthana prathima of Abbur Math also known as Kundapur Vyasaraja Math. The glories of Vyasaraja Theertharu is an end less list.

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