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THE GREAT SAINT SREE VYASARAYA TIRTHA INTRODUCTION Vyasatirtha (From 1460 to 1539), also called Vyasaraja, was a great eminent and an able Madhva scholar and poet belonging to the Dvaita tradition. He was the patron saint of the Great Vijayanagara Empire. During his period, great religious developments were took place under the assistance of his divine disciples Purandara Dasa and Kanaka Dasa. […]

Vyasaraja Thirtha Aradhana 2018

Vyasaraja Thirtha Aradhana is celebrated in Phalguna Masa as per Kannada / Telugu calendar. In 2018, Vyasaraja Thirtha Aradhana date is March 5. Shri Shri 1008 Vyasaraja Theertharu Aradhana is on 5th March, Monday (Phalguna Bahula Chaturthi).. Brindavana is in Nava Brindavana. Best route is to go to Hospet by train or bus and then take a […]

Satyasantushta Tirtha Aradhana 2018

Satyasantushta Tirtha Aradhana is celebrated in Phalguna Masa. In 2018, Satyasantushta Tirtha Aradhana date is 17 March. Shri Shri 1008 Shri Satyasantushta Theertharu Aradhana is on 17thMarch, Saturday (Phalguna Bahula Amavasya).. Brindavana is in Mysore next to the brindavan of his Guru Shri Satyasankalpa Theertharu. He was heading Uttaradi Math for a very short time viz., […]