Vritrasura Samhara Murthy

Lord Indra, the god of Devas, had once killed Demon Vritrasura, out of his powerful weapon Vajrayudha, and hence, thereafter, he was called as Vritrasura Samhara Murthy.

Once there lived a demon whose name was Vrita, and he contains great powers, and through his powers, he began to harass the Devas, and also challenged Indra to fight with him. As per the advice given by Lord Vishnu, Indra approached the great sage Dadichi, and asked him to donate his backbones in order to make the powerful weapon Vajrayudha, for destroying the demon Vritrasura.

Sage Dadichi had willfully agreed to donate his backbones, and he began to perform meditation in order to separate his soul from the body, and after he was dead, Indra collected the backbones of Sage Dadichi, and gave it to Lord Viswakarma, who was the divine architect, and asked him to make a powerful weapon from those bones. Viswakarma has exhibited his entire skills and created a shining and powerful weapon Vajrayudha out of the backbones of Sage Dadichi. With his new weapon, Lord Indra easily defeated Vritrasura and also killed him.

Lord Indra is considered to be the god of the demigods, and he is a powerful Vedic deity. But only a few temples are dedicated for him in the earth, and most of the people are not aware about the powers of Lord Indra, and they are also considering him to be a fictitious character.

In the Rig Veda, lot of Hymns speak about the significance of Lord Indra, since he is the master of several millions of Devas, and his powers are unlimited. Lord Indra occupies the position next to the deities such as Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti, Vinayaka, Muruga and Dharma Shasta.

Lord Indra is the god of rains, thunderbolts, cyclones and storms. He is having the capability to even change the normal cycle of Sun and the Moon, and even during the time of Eclipse, Rahu and Kethu would catch the sun and the moon, only after getting permission from Lord Indra. Being a powerful god, he is having the capability to grant boons to us and would fulfill our reasonable needs and wishes. Hence, let us regularly worship Lord Indra along with other deities in order to bring good fortunes in our lives.


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