Kumbha Lagna 2022-2023 Predictions (Aquarius Ascendant)

Kumbha Lagna (Aquarius Ascendant) is the eleventh among 12 Lagnas (Ascendants) in Hindu Astrology. Here are the predictions for Kumbha Lagna in 2022-2023 year…

Please note that these predictions are based on your Lagna (Ascendant), not on your Moon sign (Chandra Rashi) or Sun sign (Surya Rashi). The predictions given here are generalised ones not personalised predictions, before arriving to any conclusion, please make sure to consider your personal horoscope.

And also note that negative results or positive results, at least predictions, depend on your present period (Dasha) and present sub period (antardasha) of planets.

Planetary Positions in 2022-2023 for Kumbha Lagna

This year Aquarius have Guru(Jupiter) Movement in 2nd House. Shani (Saturn) in 12th & 01st Houses in 2022-23. Due to the Sade sathi shani movement and average Guru movement, this year will be average time for Aquarius. For Aquarius in year 2022-23 Rahu is in 3rd House and Ketu is in 9th House.

Kumbha Lagna Predictions for Finance in 2022-2023

Prepare yourself to handle lot of money problems and financial issues this year. Even though the earnings are decent enough this year, the expenses can get beyond your capacity and cause lot of trouble. Be careful with new investment as this is not the right time for such activities. Avoid litigation as much as possible throughout the year. In this way, you can reduce the risk to some level.

Kumbha Lagna Predictions for Family in 2022-2023

You will enjoy the best time of your life with friends and family members this year. Your parents and family members will support your dreams. There is a likelihood of auspicious events like marriage in your family. Your children will bring you happiness and satisfaction this year with their behaviour.

Kumbha Lagna Predictions for Career in 2022-2023

There are no problems for people having regular jobs. You can even expect promotion and increment for your hard work. You may have to travel for work related activities in the second half of the year. Try to have good relationship with your team members so that you can get some support for your career. Avoid changing jobs in the first half of the year.

Kumbha Lagna Predictions for Health in 2022-2023

You will enjoy good health this year. If there are any pending issues, they can get resolved with proper guidance from health professionals. There will be some improvement in the health of elders in the family. However, be careful about your eating habits as unhealthy food can trigger unwanted health issues in the long run.

Kumbha Lagna Predictions for Education in 2022-2023

Students can expect good results for their hard work. Chances of clearing competitive exams are high this year. You can even plan for higher education in foreign countries according to your career plans. Overall situation is good but you have to work hard to get success. If you are facing troubles consulting experts can give you benefits.

Kumbha Lagna Predictions for Marriage in 2022-2023

Avoid taking any major decisions in the first half of the year. This can bring unwanted troubles in future. Wait for the right time and get married after taking blessing of elders in the family. If there are any hurdles, wait till end of the year to get the right solution.


Worship Bhagvan Shiva Devi Parvathi and Ganesha on Saturdays.

Wear a 14 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Gemstones: Blue-sapphire (Neelam) – wear on Saturday and chant any Shiva Stotram.

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