Vittal Pindi at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple during Janmashtami

Vittal Pindi at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

Vittal Pindi at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

Vittal Pindi at Vittal Pindi at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple during Janmashtami is a grand celebration. In 2019, Vittal Pindi date is August 24.

Sri Krishna Leelotsava and Vittal Pindi are the two big festivities conducted on the following day of Janmashtami festival.

Owing to differences in the panchangas, the Janmashtami will be celebrated both on August 23 and August 24 at the Sri Krishna Mutt/Temple here, while Vittal Pindi will be celebrated on August 23. The Sri Krishna Math/Temple would be the cynosure of all eyes during these festivals. It was at this temple that the exponent of Dwaita philosophy Madhwacharya, installed the idol of Lord Krishna about 800 years ago.

The temple will be specially decorated with flowers for these festivals. A major attraction of Janmashtami will be the “Muddu Krishna” competition, where children will dress like Lord Balakrishna at Rajangana and Anna Brahma Hall from 10 a.m. onwards.

The event will be held in three sections: zero to three years – Muddu Krishna competition; three to five years – Balakrishna competition; and five to eight years – Kishore Krishna competition. “This competition will be held both on Wednesday and Thursday,” said Raghuram Acharya, Dewan of Pejawar Mutt. Over 75,000 laddoos each of four varieties – aralu, gundittu, yellu and kadle and about 1.5 lakh chakkulis have been prepared at the temple to be distributed to the devotees.

Both Vishwesha Tirtha Swami of Paryaya Pejawar Mutt, and Vishwaprasanna Tirtha, junior seer, will participate in the ritual of arghya pradhana at 11.48 p.m.

The major attraction at the Vittal Pindi festival will be the carrying of the clay idol of Lord Krishna in the golden chariot on the Car Street at 3.30 p.m.

As many as 15 wooden gopuras have been erected at different places on the Car Street, below which the chariot will move. Earthen pots containing milk and milk products would be hung from these wooden gopuras. Persons dressed in folk costumes would try to break these pots with sticks. This is known as mosaru kudike.

Huli vesha dancers with their vigorous dancing add colour to the event. After the golden chariot goes around the Car Street and reaches the Sri Krishna Math/Temple, the clay idol is removed and immersed in the Madhwa Sarovara pond at the temple. A competition of huli vesha dancers and other folk teams will be held at Rajangana the same evening.

“Nearly 25,000 devotees are expected to have meals during the anna santharpane on Friday,” said Mr. Acharya.

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