Nandotsav (Nanda Mahotsav) 2017 in Sri Krishna Temples

Nandotsav (Nanda Mahotsav / Maha Nandotsav) is a festival celebrated on the next day of Sri Krishna Janmashtami. In 2017, Nandotsav (Nanda Mahotsav) date is August 15.

It is said that on this day all the villagers of Braj (Vraj) visited Nanda’s house to have darshan of baby Sri Krishna. All Munis and maharshis bestowed their blessings on little Krishna.

Nandotsav is celebrated with utmost gaiety in Vrindavan Radhavallabh Temple and Banke Bihariji Temple. All temples in India dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna and ISKCON temples are decorated with garlands and celebrate the festival with fullest devotion. Maha Aarti and Panchamrit Abhishek are the main ritual of Nandotsav.

In 2016, Nandotsav (Nanda Mahotsav) date was August 26.

In 2015, Nandotsav (Nanda Mahotsav) date was September 6.

In 2014, Nandotsav (Nanda Mahotsav) date was August 18.

In 2013, Nandotsav (Nanda Mahotsav) date was August 29.

Nandotsav 2012 / Nanda Mahotsav 2012 date was August 10.

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