Vishukaineettam’s importance in Vishu festivities

An important traditional ritual in direct connection with Vishu festivity is Vishukaineettam. It means a Hansel given wholeheartedly by elders or the eldest member of the family to all the children and other family members, relatives and friends.

On the auspicious day of Vishu festival after immediately sighting the Vishukkani, the elder member in the family with wholesome heart hands out money or coins to the younger members of the family, relatives and friends in the society.

It is to be highly noted that the simple effect of this kindhearted and symbolic gesture is strongly believed to permanently stay for the rest of the coming year. It is to be highly noted that money and coin is also handed out to domestic helps and tenants in the society.

Vishukaineettam means in the Malayalam language as stretching the hands by the younger in front of the elders for money or coins that form the monetary benefit.  This marks the idea of sharing the wealth and prosperity among all in the family members and members of the society. This also marks that all are equal in the household and in the society.

Vishu and Vishukaineettam make a bond and fondness among the people in the society and household during the festivity. Relatives and friends drop into house of elders in order to ask their well-being and health plus get the Vishukaineettam from them on this auspicious day. It binds them for the coming year too. This type of unique tradition and custom is very rare in the Indian society.

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