Vishukaineettam’s importance in Vishu festivities

An important traditional ritual in direct connection with Vishu festivity is Vishukaineettam. It means a Hansel given wholeheartedly by elders or the eldest member of the family to all the children and other family members, relatives and friends. On the auspicious day of Vishu festival after immediately sighting the Vishukkani, the elder member in the […]

Story of Vishu Kanikonna Flowers

The Kanikonna flower is a part and parcel of Vishu festival. Behind its origin, there is an interesting legend. Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Unni in a village in south India. With great interest, he used to listen to the stories of Bala Krishna’s pursuits at Ambadi which was told by […]

Significance of Vishu Chal

Vishu Chal is an important event in the festival of Vishu. In Malayalam language, Chal means channel. On the auspicious day of Vishu, the spade that is used for agricultural purpose is decorated with rice powder and religious prayers done by the family members. After the prayer, the senior-most male member of the family and […]

Vishu Kali & Vishu Kanhi

According to the local legends and astrologers, “Vishu also marks the occasion to find out the Kali Samkhya. This is based on the Samkhya philosophy of Hinduism concerning the material universe with all its movement of rotation, revolution, gravitation etc. The morning of the first day of the Malayalam month Medam is considered relevant for […]

Vishu Kanji, Vishu Katta: Breakfast on Vishu Festival

All the family members, with great desire consume Vishu Kanji or Vishu Katta on the day of Vishu as breakfast food item. The ingredients used for making this preparation are raw rice -2 1/2 cup ( unakkalari or pacha ari), grated coconut-5, Cumin seeds-1/2tsp and Salt-to taste. The cooking time taken is just one hour. […]

Significance of Cassia fistula in Vishu Celebrations

Cassia fistula is known as Konna poo in the Malayalam language. It is also known as the golden shower tree by the local population across the world. It is a flowering plant in the family of Fabaceae. This plant is a native tree of Southern Asia. This plant or tree can be found from Srilanka […]

Vishukkani: The age old Tradition of Vishu

In the Malayalam language, the word “Kani” literally means “that which is seen first”, therefore “Vishukkani” largely means “that which is seen first on Vishu”. The Vishukkani is a vista of auspicious items, comprising of fruits, flowers, vegetables, gold coins and clothes. It is grandly arranged by the mother in the family, in the puja […]