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Ananta Sayana Vishnu

Ananta Sayana Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is the god of protection, and he is protecting the entire universe through his supreme powers. He is said to be residing in the Vaikunta along with Mata Lakshmi, and he is also called as Lakshminarayana, and he is surrounded by his sincere devotees like Narada, Tumbura, Bhakta Prahlada and Garuda.

The origination of Lord Vishnu cannot be determined by us, since he is considered to be the supreme god, and for him there is no beginning and the end.

Lord Krishna had shown his true form during the previous Dwapara Yuga for a few times, and in his body, the entire universe was there. Lord Krishna is none other than the avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Lot of stories are associated with Lord Vishnu, and he is believed to be living in the underworld, the Sutala Loka also by safeguarding and blessing the great king Mahabali, who is the grandson of Sri Bhakta Prahlada.

Lord Vishnu had so far taken nine avatars, and he is expected to take the Kalki Avatar after four lakh and twenty seven years approximately. It is considered that among the Trimurtis, Lord Vishnu contains soft nature, and he didn’t easily get angry over others.

According to the legend, once when the great sage Bhrigu, kicked him at his foot, he didn’t get angry over him, but gently pressed his leg, and removed the ego of Sage Bhrigu. He is such a noble and a gentle god.

Lord Vishnu is praised in Vedas and many mantras are dedicated to him. Vishnu Purana is considered as one of the holiest Purana, and those who read Vishnu Purana and recites Vishnu Sahasranama would be cleared from their sins, and they would reach the Vaikunta after their death. Chanting the mantra, “OM NAMO NARAYANAYA” and “OM NAMO BHAGAVATHE VASUDEVAYA”, would fetch good results in our life, and we would be able to spend our life in a peaceful manner.

Devotees like Narada, Tumburu, Prahlad and Dhruva had attained higher levels in their life due to their sincere faith on Lord Vishnu. Lot of Vishnu temples and the Vishnu avatar temples are scattered all over India and also in abroad.

Among the various famous temples of Lord Vishnu, 108 Divyadesam temples are very famous, and visiting all the 106 temples during our life time would bring goodness in our life. The remaining two temples are situated in Vaikunta, and visiting those two temples is not possible for us.

Hence in our lifetime, let us visit the 106 divyadesam temples,along with the other famous temples of Lord Vishnu, and be blessed.


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