Vinayagar Kudai | Lord Ganesha’s Sacred Umbrella

4 Ganesha

4 Ganesha

Vinayagar Kudai also called as Pillayar Kudai is a small Umbrella which is made out of paper and small wood pieces. This Umbrella would be usually small in size and would cost around Rs.20/- to Rs.50/- based on the size of the Umbrella.

Normally these Umbrellas would be sold in the streets and in the newly formed pavement shops during the “VINAYAKA CHATHURTHI” festival day. Some vendors would carry these umbrellas during the early morning time of “VINAYAKA CHATHURTHI” festival day, and they used to busily walk in the streets, by loudly calling as, “PILLAYAR KUDAI VANGALAYO”. On hearing the loud voice of the vendor, small children would hurriedly rush over to the streets, and with their small savings, they would bargain with the vendors, and finally with a smiling face they would get their interested Umbrella for Lord Vinayaka.

After the purchase of the Umbrella for Lord Vinayaka, it would be placed on the back side of the newly bought mud Vinayaka and puja would be performed to Lord Vinayaka by placing all the required fruits, flowers and his favourite Mothakams by his devotees.

Though it is not compulsory to purchase a Vinayagar Kudai along with the idol of Clay Vinayaka, it is being purchased by most of the devotees, in order to express their love and affection on the elephant god. As per Vinayaka Purana, the great devotee, Vallalan used to perform Vinayaka Puja using fruits, flowers and also he used to place a small Umbrella like thing in the back side of the Vinayaka idol, in order to give shelter to Lord Vinayaka. From this incident, we can knew, that the system of keeping Umbrella behind the idol of Lord Vinayaka exists for several millions of years, and still now it is practiced.

Umbrella is used by us in order to protect ourselves from rain and from the hot weather. Similar to that, we are honouring Lord Vinayaka by keeping the Umbrella on his back. In ancient times, giving Umbrella to pious saints is considered as a noble activity by the kings. During 17th century AD, the great saint Guru Raghavendra had been honoured with a beautiful white Umbrella which was given by a Muslim king, Adilsha, who ruled the then region of Bijapur, since he witnessed the spiritual powers of the holy saint Guru Raghavendra through his own eyes.


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