Vinayaka’s Divine Play

Devi Rishi Narada who is well known for his mischievous acts, had once visited Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati at their holy abode Kailash, by keeping a delicious mango on his hand. Narada wants to give the fruit to the divine parents, and hence he gave the fruit to Lord Shiva and Parvati, and asked […]

Mushikasura Samhara Moorthy | Ganesha as Slayer of Mooshikasura

Lord Vinayaka is called as “Mushikasura Samhara Moorthy”, since he killed the demon Mushika. Once there lived a demon, whose name was Mushika, who was in the form of a rat, and he created lot of troubles to the whole universe, and the matter was reported to the first god Lord Vinayaka. On hearing the […]

Swetharka Mula Ganapathi | Ganesh idol with Calotropis Roots

Swetharka Moola Ganesha idol

Swetharka Mula Ganapathi is the Ganesh idol made on the Calotropis Roots or the self originated Ganesh deity from the Calotropis roots. In fact we are unaware of the name of Swetarkamoola Ganapathy.  Ganesha has many forms and such forms are not visible in any other God. Ganapathy has 64 forms of which 32 forms […]

32 Forms of Ganesha (Ganapati’s 32 Manifestations)

Here is the list of 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. The Ganesha Purana describes 32 forms of Ganapati. In other Agamic scriptures also these forms or incarnations are identified. Some Tantriks worship these Ganesh incarnations or manifestations. Here are names and some details of 32 forms of Ganesha. 1. Bala Ganapathi The Childlike Ganapati. Depicted […]

Vighneshwara Kalyanam | Ganesha’s Marriage with Siddhi, Buddhi

ganesh with buddhi siddhi

As per most of the people’s belief, Lord Vighneshwara also called as Ganesa and Vinayaka is a bachelor. But he is also mentioned in the Puranas as a married person. Ma Siddhi and Ma Buddhi, who are the daughters of Brahma, are considered to be the wives of Lord Ganesha, and the daughters of Lord […]

Heramba Ganesha Mahatmya

Heramba Ganapati

Heramba refers to the gigantic form of Lord Ganapathi, and in this form, he appears with five heads and ten arms, he contains various weapons in his hands, and he is having wonderful temples at Bangalore and Tamil Nadu, which would be very much crowded during the Vinayaka Chathurthi Festival day. Heramba Ganapathi is popularly […]

Eight Incarnations of Lord Ganesha

Eco friendly Ganesha idol

Eight Incarnations of Lord Ganesha are the eight Avatars of Ganapathi, who took these avatars to defeat eight weaknesses or negative forces of human beings. These weaknesses were­ arrogance, ego, desire, anger, greed, delusion, inebriation and jealousy. Let us have a look at these 8 incarnations.. 1. Vakratunda This is the first incarnation of Lord […]

Offer Modakams to Vinayaka

Offer Modakams to Vinayaka.. Lord Vinayaka is very fond of eating Modakams also known as Kozhukattais, which is mostly made out of rice flour and jaggery. It is the duty of the Hindus to prepare the delicious Modakams on a daily basis, and we can offer it to the first god by considering him to […]

Vishwaksena, Vishnu’s Army Chief

Is Lord Vinayaka a god or a demigod? Most of us would be having this question in our mind, since as per Vishnu Purana, Lord Vishnu is only considered as the superior god, and even gods like Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma are being considered only as demigods, or classified as minor deities. Most of […]

‘ONE’ for Vinayaka

‘ONE’ for Vinayaka.. While teaching the numbers to our children, we can give a divine meaning for the numbers, such as ‘1’ for Vinayaka, ‘2’ for the two consorts of Lord Vinayaka, ‘3’ for TriShakti, ‘4’ for the four headed creator god Brahma, ‘5’ for the five headed god Shiva, ‘6’ for the six faced […]

18 Interesting Facts about Ganesha

Lord Vinayaka is considered to be the first god in Hinduism. Hindus worship Lord Vinayaka as the obstacle remover and people worships him daily by offering pujas to him. Lord Vinayaka is the god of granting boons. He is regarded as the god of gods, and his temples are situated even in abroad. Even under […]

The One and Only Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha is liked by everyone, irrespective of their age factor. Being considered as the first god, it is our main duty to first worship him before doing our daily routine works. Being the leader of the Vedas, he is also called as Veda Ganesha, and since he is a master of dance, he is […]

Vinayaka Song by Vallalan

The details about Vallalan were mentioned in the Vinayaka Purana. Vallalan dedicated his entire life towards worshipping Lord Vinayaka, and he is considered be an ancient devotee of Lord Vinayaka, who is believed to have been taken birth during the Treta Yuga. He is also considered to be a staunch devotee of Lord Vinayaka similar […]

Vinayagar Kudai | Lord Ganesha’s Sacred Umbrella

Vinayagar Kudai also called as Pillayar Kudai is a small Umbrella which is made out of paper and small wood pieces. This Umbrella would be usually small in size and would cost around Rs.20/- to Rs.50/- based on the size of the Umbrella. Normally these Umbrellas would be sold in the streets and in the […]

Divine Songs on Vinayaka by Purushundi

Lord Vinayaka contains lot of devotees since several millions of years. Even the great Bhagavathas and the Vishnu devotees like Narada, Tumburu and Prahalada were worshipped Lord Vinayaka even before millions and millions of years ago. The existence of Lord Vinayaka was found in ancient texts of Hinduism, and he has become the first god, […]

Importance of Ganesha | Vinayaka Mahatmyam

Lord Vinayaka is the first god in the Hindu tradition. Every Hindu worship Lord Vinayaka as the obstacle remover and people will worship him daily before doing their daily routines. Lord Vinayaka is the symbol of Wisdom and Faith. He is regarded as the god of gods. Lord Ganesh Temple is situated in almost all […]

Vighna Ganapati, Ganesha as the Lord of Obstacles

Vighna Ganapati

Vighna Ganapati is the ninth form of the 32 forms of Lord Ganapati. Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu God worshipped in India and is believed to be the remover of all obstacles in the lives of his devotees. In this form, the Lord appears with eight hands similar to Lord Vishnu […]

Famous Festival of Ganapathi | Sankashti Chaturthi

Sankashti Chaturthi, also called as Sankatahara Chaturthi, is an auspicious festival day, and it would be celebrated once in a month in praise of Lord Vinayaka. This famous festival is celebrated for more than 2000 years, in order to remove the obstacles in our life. During this festival, the devotees must have to observe fasting, […]

Ganesha Loka | Swananda Loka

As per our ancient Puranas, it is believed that the abode of Lord Ganesa is situated in the Ganesha Loka, which is located near to Kailasa. In the Vinayaka Purana it is mentioned, that due to the sincere devotion of the great sage Purusundi, after his death, he has attained the Ganesha Loka. The Ganesha […]