Vijaya Lakshmi (Goddess of Victory)



Vijaya Lakshmi is one of the forms of Ashta Lakshmi. She is the Goddess of Victory. She is often depicted as having eight arms and seen in a red dress. She holds a shankha , chakra, sword, shield, lotus and pasha in her hands. In her other two hands, she gestures the abhaya and varada mudra. She is seen seated on a lotus.

Vijaya Lakshmi is the Goddess of Victory. Victory as not just depicted in battles but in life as a whole. Getting success in all undertakings in different facets of life needs the blessings of this Goddess. Also one should win over oneself first in order to take on anything else in the world and the Goddess helps in winning every battle of life.

Vijaya Lakshmi Stotra

Jaya kamalasini sadgati dayini gnana vikasini gaanamaye

anudina marchita kumkuma dhusara bhushita vaasita vaadyanute

kanaka dharaastutu vaibhava vandita Sankara deshika manya pade

jaya jaya he madhusudhana kamini vijaya lakshmi sada palaya mam


The one who is seated on a lotus and grants sadgati to her devotees and expands her brahma gnama.Who is covered with kumkuma from daily archanas and worshipped with auspicious sounds emanating from mangalavadyams, The sacred feet of whom is worshipped by the stotras of shankaracharya and desika, Victory to Vijaya Lakshmi, the belowed one of madhusudhana, protect me forever.


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