Saptarishi Puja on Rishi Panchami



Saptarishis are the seven divine rishis (sages) in Hindu Dharma and widely mentioned in almost all Hindu Scriptures. Saptarishis are worshipped in Rishi Panchami Vrata for Dasha Sahasra Yagna Phala (merit of 10 thousand Yagnas).

By performing Rishi Panchami Vrata, the women devotees will attain Sakala Tirtha yatra phala (merit of visiting all tirth yatras).

Rishi Panchami Vrat Katha in Hindi

Here are the details of Saptarishis, their fathers, wives and children..

1. Kashyapa Maharshi

Kashyapa is a Brahmarshi and a son of Kala, the daughter of Kardama Prajapathi. And Mareechi, the son of Chaturmukha Brahma. Kashyapa married the thirteen daughters of Daksha Prajapathi. From Kashyapa all the prajas, creatures were born.

The thirteen wives of Kashyapa are Aditi, Diti, Danu, Kaala, Danau, Simhika, Krodha Pradha, Viswa, Vinata, Kapila, Muni and Kadru.

Children of Kashyapa Maharshi are – Hiranyakashipu, Vamana, Indra, etc.

2. Atri Maharshi

Atri Rushi is also a Brahmarshi married Anusuya, the daughter of Kardama Rishi and had three sons viz.,  Dattatreya (saakshaat Srihari), Durvasa (Rudramsha)  and Chandra (with the amsha of Brahma). All the three sons were born  when prayed by Anusuya worshipped the Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwara to be born as her children.

Three sons of Atri Maharshi are – Datta, Soma, Durvasa

3. Bharadwaja Maharshi

Bharadhwaja Rushi was born as the son of Brihaspatyacharya, the guru of Devataas.  Later Brihaspatyacharya himself was born as the son of Bharadhwaja with the name Dronacharya, the guru for Pandavas-Kauravas.

The wife of Bharadwaja is Susheela and the son is Dronacharya.

4. Vishwamitra Maharshi

Sage Vishwamitra had the distinction of becoming the guru for Sri Rama in Ayodhya.  Vishwamitra was born as a Kshatriya to Gadhiraja and obtained the status of a Brahmana .  He is termed as “vishwa mitra” – the friend of the world.  Took Ramachandra and Lakshmana to Siddashrama and did the samarpana of all his vidyas to him and requested Ramachandra to kill Tataki, Maricha, Subahu.  He is known for his very hard, steady and tremendous tapas.

Vishwamitra’s wife name is Kumudwathi.

5. Gautama Maharshi

Gauthama is the author of Tarka – Logic and wrote sutras called ‘Gautama Sutras’ pertaining to Nyayashastra.  Sri Rama by virtue of just touching his foot on the rock turned Ahalya, the wife of Gautama, who had become a stone as a human again.

Gauthama had done excess penance, beyond his capacity, Srihari made him to curse at Indra and loose his tapa phala and he cursed Indra and Ahalya.

Gautama was born to Rahogana Maharaja and the children of Gautama are – Vamadeva and Nodha.

6. Jamadagni Maharshi

Jamadagni Rushi had the distinction of becoming the father of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu’s form of Parashurama.  Once the king by name Karthaveeryarjuna (Sahasra Arjuna), who had the blessings of Dattatreya, went for hunting to forests.  Later he became tired and to take rest went to the ashrama of Jamadagni, who called his cow and gave him a very good treatment with food and other athithya.

Karthaveeryarjuna wished to have the cow for him.  But he could now do so due to the powers of the capacity of the divine cow.  Then he took the calf with him to his palace after killing Jamadagni.

Jamadagni’s father is Bhrugu Maharshi and the wife is Renuka Mata.

7. Vasista Maharshi

Vasista Rushi was a great Maharshi and he had the distinction of getting Sri Vedavyasa as his great grandson.  Vasistha’s son was Sakthi.  His son was Parasara.  Vedavyasa was born to Parasara-Satyavati Devi.

Vasista was the chief priest and advisor for Dasharatha Maharaja.  Under his pourohithya only Srirama married Sitadevi.

Vasista Maharshi’s father is Lord Brahma and the wife is Arundhati.

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