Vignesha Anugrahamurthi, Lord Shiva who saved Ganesha & named him Ganapathi

Vignesha Anugrahamurthi – Shiva with Ganesha

Vignesha Anugrahamurthi – Shiva with Ganesha

Vigneshaanugrahamurthi is the form of Lord Shiva. He was entitled this name when he saved his own son and named him as Ganapati, by making him the leader of all the Ganas.

According to the legend, in Kailash, when Goddess Parvati prepared a toy from the material used for bathing, and imparted life to it, the toy had turned to a boy. Amazed by the charm of the boy, Goddess Parvati had enjoyed his innocence and activeness. She made the boy as a Gatekeeper outside the door and she went to bath. In the meanwhile, Lord Shiva is returning to his abode Kailash after the episode of Gajasura Vadha. Surprisingly, he found a little boy objecting him from entering into his own home.

The little boy, being sincere towards Parvati, restricted Shiva from entering into Kailash. Though Shiva thought of forgiving the boy initially, he turned angry with the boy’s behavior. Finally, he turned the boy to ashes out of his anger, without knowing that he is the one made out of Parvati’s Interest.

Astonished and shocked by this incident, Parvati latter explained to Shiva that the boy is none other than their son. Knowing the fact and consoling Parvati thereafter, Lord Shiva urged to bring the head of Gajasura and attached the same to little boy’s body. Thus the boy gained the name Gajamukhavarada and remained with the same head, which in turn has become the symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

Later, Lord Shiva made the boy the head of all Ganas and presented the powers of all the Gods. Later, the boy is called as Vigneshwara, the one who controls the obstacles.

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