Veera Ganapathi, Mighty Warrior form of Lord Ganesha

Veera Ganapati

Veera Ganapati

Veera Ganapathi is the 4th form among 32 forms of Lord Ganesha. He is depicted with 16 arms (Shodasha bhuja) and a stern look. Veera Ganapati is not mentioned in 21 types of Ganesha (Ekavimsathi Ganapathi) but mentioned in 16 types of Ganesha (Shodasha Ganapati). Veera Ganapathi is the fiercest form among all forms of Ganesha.

Veera Ganapathi Dhyanam: Veera Ganesha Mantram

Bethala shakti sharakarmuka kheta khadga

Khatvanga mudgara gadankusha pashahasthan

Shulancha kuntha parashu dhwaja mudyahastham

Veeram ganesha marunam sathatham smarami

Appearance & Iconography of Veera Ganapathi

Veera Ganapathi shines in red complexion. In his hands, he holds a goblin, spear, bow, arrow, chakra (discus), sword, shield, ladge hammer, gada (mace), goad, noose, pick-axe, battle-axe, trident, serpent, and banner.


Veera Ganapathi is worshipped on Ganesha Jayanti, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Durva Ganapati vrat, Putra Ganapati Vrata, etc. Those who worship Veera Ganesha will be blessed with courage, peace, and prosperity.

Veera Ganapati Dhyana Mantra

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