Vayu Deva | Vayu Bhagavan | Lord of Winds in Hinduism

Vayu Deva on Deer vehicle

Vayu Deva on Deer vehicle

Vayu is a Hindu deity, the wind god, and the father of Hanuman and Bheema. He is controlled by Lord Indra, the god of heavens. And he is a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu.


He was the father of Lord Hanuman in Tretayuga, and has done a great service to Lord Rama. He was the father of Bheema in Dwaparayuga, and has done a great service to Lord Krishna. In Kaliyuga, he again incarnated as Madhwacharya to do service for the great Rishi Vedavyasa, and it is believed that still he is doing his divine service to Sree Vedavyasa in Badrikashram.

Lord Vayu contains a lot of important features. He is the base for all the living beings in the earth. Without his help, no one can survive in this world. Even by possession of his great power, he was a humble and a gentle demigod, who always worships Lord Vishnu and keep chanting his various names for ever. He is also been controlled by Lord Indra, and he acts as an assistant to him. He has to follow his instructions, and to act accordingly.

Once Lord Hanuman in his childhood, tries to catch the sun god thinking that it was a fruit. By seeing his action, Lord Indra hit him with his powerful weapon Vajrayudha. Lord Hanuman could not withstand the power of the weapon, and he immediately fell on the ground and was laid in an unconscious state. By seeing his son’s condition, Lord Vayu, stopped his air circulation among the human and divine beings in the earth and heaven, and everyone was suffered by this act.

After some time, the gods pacified Vayu, and regained Hanuman to his normal position, and offered many great boons to him. Lord Vayu became happy and again he circulated his air movement all over the heaven and the earth. With this incident, we can realize his great supreme powers.


We can’t live if we stop our breath. We are able to live only because of the Lord Vayu, who helps us for breathing in this world.

Let us worship this great demigod Lord Vayu Bhagavan and be blessed.


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