Vasuki Namavali | 108 Names of Mata Vasuki

Vasuki was an excellent and noble woman who was mentioned in the ancient texts. She was considered as very chaste and pious woman, and she can be compared equivalent to the holy siddhas, and contains great spiritual powers, for being served as a dutiful wife to the great saint and poet Sri Thiruvalluvar.

She was born in Kaviripakkam, to a farmer’s family. From her childhood itself, she has shown great respect to the elders, and was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. Several times, she was tested by her husband Valluvar, and she has succeeded in the tests. Even due to the request of Valluvar, she cooked the raw sand and turned it into boiled rice, due to her holiness. She was such a powerful woman.

The respect she has shown to her husband cannot be described in words. Without asking any question, she would obey her husband’s instructions, and till her death, she has followed like that. With respect to her holiness, kindness and gentleness, we can compare her with the divine goddess Mata AdiParasakthi. It is also believed that she contains the features of Mata Parvati. She acts as an example for others.

In ancient times, people would give advice to the newly married girl to live like Vasuki and to perform the domestic duties,and to take care of her husband in a proper manner similar to Vasuki.

Arulmigu Vasuki Amman Temple is dedicated to Mata Vasuki and it is situated in Vairavanpatti, Sivaganga district, Tamil nadu.

The 108 marvellous names of Ma Vasuki Amman are as follows:-

1. Om Ma VasukiAmmaneNamaha
2. Om ValluvarPatniyeNamaha
3. Om KarpuDeivameNamaha
4. Om KavalDeivameNamaha
5. Om RoopavathiyeNamaha
6. Om LokamataveNamaha
7. Om IswaryadeviyeNamaha
8. Om VimalavatiyeNamah
9. Om VacheswariyeNamah
10. Om PadmapushaniyeNamah
11. Om PadmashaktiyeNamah
12. Om SwarnameNamah
13. Om VaiduriyameNamah
14. Om KomedhagameNamah
15. Om SundaripushpayaNamah
16. Om DhanavatiyeNamah
17. Om HirankomalayaNamah
18. Om LakshanayaNamah
19. Om NityadeviyeNamah
20. Om VinodhiniyeNamah
21. Om AdityadeviNamah
22. Om DityadeviNamah
23. Om DipadeviNamah
24. Om VasudharayaiNamah
25. Om VasudharinyaiNamah
26. Om KamalayaiNamah
27. Om KantamatiyaiNamah
28. Om KamakshiyaiNamah
29. Om KshirodhabhavamyaiNamah
30. Om SambhavayaiNamah
31. Om AnugrahadeviyaiNamah
32. Om BuddheswariyaiNamah
33. Om AnagharyaiNamah
34. Om HarivallabiNamah
35. Om AshokavatiNamah
36. Om AmritadeviNamah
37. Om DiptavatiyaiNamah
38. Om LokashokashinyaiNamah
39. Om DharmaniyaiNamah
40. Om KarunaselviyaiNamah
41. Om LokamatreyaiNamah
42. Om PadmaraniyaiNamah
43. Om PadmaroopiniyaiNamah
44. Om PadmakamalayaiNamah
45. Om PadmasundaryaiNamah
46. Om PadmodbhavayaiNamah
47. Om PadmamukhyaiNamah
48. Om PadmanabhapriyayaiNamah
49. Om RamayaiNamah
50. Om PadmamaladharayaiNamah
51. Om DevyaiNamah
52. Om PadminyaiNamah
53. Om PadmagandhinyaiNamah
54. Om PunyagandhayaiNamah
55. Om SuprasannayaiNamah
56. Om PrasadabhimukhyaiNamah
57. Om PrabhayaiNamah
58. Om ChandravadanayaiNamah
59. Om ChandrayaiNamah
60. Om ChandrasahodaryaiNamah
61. Om ChaturbhujayaiNamah
62. Om ChandrarupayaiNamah
63. Om IndirayaiNamah
64. Om IndushitalayaiNamah
65. Om AhladajananyaiNamah
66. Om PushtayaiNamah
67. Om ShivayaiNamah
68. Om ShivakaryaiNamah
69. Om SatyaiNamah
70. Om VimalayaiNamah
71. Om VishwajananyaiNamah
72. Om TushtayaiNamah
73. Om DaridryanashinyaiNamah
74. Om PritipushskarinyaiNamah
75. Om ShantayaiNamah
76. Om ShuklamalyambarayaiNamah
77. Om ShriyaiNamah
78. Om BhaskaryaiNamah
79. Om BilvanilayayaiNamah
80. Om VararohayaiNamah
81. Om YashaswinyaiNamah
82. Om VasundharayaiNamah
83. Om UdarangayaiNamah
84. Om HarinyaiNamah
85. Om HemamalinyaiNamah
86. Om DhanadhanyakaryaiNamah
87. Om SiddhayeNamah
88. Om StrainasoumyayaiNamah
89. Om ShubhapradayaiNamah
90. Om NripaveshmagatanandayaiNamah
91. Om VaralakshmyaiNamah
92. Om VasupradayaiNamah
93. Om ShubhayaiNamah
94. Om HiranyaprakarayaiNamah
95. Om SamudratanayayaiNamah
96. Om MangalaDevyaiNamah
97. Om VishnuvakshayaiNamah
98. Om VishnupatnyaiNamah
99. Om PrasannakshyaiNamah
100. Om NarayanayaiNamah
101. Om DaridryasinyaiNamah
102. Om DevyaiNamah
103. Om SarvopadravaNamah
104. Om NavadurgadeviyaiNamah
105. Om MahakalaselviyaiNamah
106. Om BrahmavishnushivatmikayaiNamah
107. Om TrikalajnayaiNamah
108. Om BhuvanyaiNamah

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