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Vastu Shanti Muhurat 2018 | Vastu Shanti Pooja in 2018

Vastu Shanti Muhurat 2018 (Vastu Shanti Pooja in 2018) are listed here for all months. For Vastu Shanti Pooja, specific muhurat is needed.

Auspicious tithi, Nakshatra, day, Lagna, etc.. are essential for Vastu Pooja during Grihapravesh or during any other instance.

Vastu Pooja Days 2018, Auspicious dates

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in January 2018

There is no Shubh Muhurat for Vastu Shanti Pujan.

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in February 2018

5 February

7 February

8 February

17 February

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in March 2018

3 March

12 March

14 March

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in April 2018

23 April

26 April

27 April

30 April

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in May 2018

2 May

4 May

7 May

10 May

12 May

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in June 2018

16 June

23 June

28 June

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in July 2018

5 July

6 July

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in August 2018

16 August

17 August

27 August

29 August

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in September 2018

3 September

6 September

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in October 2018

There is no Shubh muhurat in October for Vastu Shanti Pujan.

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in November 2018

9 November

Vastu Shanti Muhurat in December 2018

13 December

14 December

17 December

24 December

29 December

31 December

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  1. rina says:

    नमस्कार आमचे गावी जुने घर आहे. त्यात काही बदल करून आम्ही वास्तूपुजा करून घेणार आहोत. पण तेथील भटजी नी 22 एप्रिलला मुहूर्त दिल्यानंतर सर्व कार्यक्रम आयोजित करण्यात आला आहे. पण प्रत्यक्षात ती वास्तुशां ती होईल काय?

  2. Devesh says:

    More.dates in May

  3. Mangesh Killedar says:

    How is the 4th jun 17 for vastu Shanti…

  4. padmàkar naphade says:

    vastu sahanti muhurt in august

  5. Raju N Chavan says:

    कृपया माला E Mail वर November 2017 मधील वास्तु शांति पूजा बद्दल कळवा.

  6. Bhaganna says:

    As per my raashi Capricorn which date suitable for in the month of November

  7. Dilip Ganpatrao Deshmukh says:

    ४ तारखेनंतर नंतर डिसेंबर २०१७ मधे वास्तुशांतीचे कोणते मुहुर्त आहेत

  8. Dilip Ganpatrao Deshmukh says:

    ४ तारखेनंतर डिसेंबर महिन्यात वास्तुशांतीचे कोणते मुहुर्त आहेत.

  9. Ramling swami says:

    4 th navambar nantar date nahi ka vastu muhurth 4 navambar date muhurth best ahe ka

  10. sadanand sawant says:

    vastu puja ke liye shubha Murat date and time


    March muhurta or any other accha din

  12. Anita Bane says:

    कृपया मला १८ एप्रिल नंतर वास्तु होम साठी चांगली तारीख सांगा

  13. My Birt date is 15 Sep 1977 & Time 4.45 Am Place Nanded Maharashtra Which date is suatble for Vastu Shanti and Grugh Parvesh in April 2018 for me..

  14. anushri says:


  15. Bhaskar says:

    My name is Bhaskar,purvashadha-4,,my spouse I’d Lakshmi padmavathy,,Aswini2p….kindly let me know griharambha muhurat in August 2018.

  16. Vikram says:

    22 June 2018 vasthu Murat is available ?

  17. Dineshbhai g prajapati says:

    My name Dineshbhai prajapati
    My birthdate 18-4-87 1:05 pm . which muhurt is suitable for my gruhpravesh in jun july 2018

  18. Pankaj Barot says:

    Is it subh vastu and navchandi pooja on 17/7/2018 ?

  19. sandip shinde says:

    you are requested to Please send the Date of Vastu Shant Muhrat in Augest 2018 in my Email id .

  20. Sandip vasant pol says:

    19 ऑगस्ट ला वास्तू शांती मुहूर्त आहे का

  21. Savita agrawal says:

    My name is Savita Agrawal and my husband’s name is Saurabh Agrawal. We want to do vastu shanti before Diwali. Which are the good muhurat for that by our names?

  22. Yuvi says:

    14 octoOct 2018 la navratri madhye vastu shanti karata yeu shakte ka

  23. Gaurav ramesh Bailbhare says:

    Krupya mala 9 November 2018 ha muhurt vastu Shanti chi Pooja karnya sathi aahe. Tya divshi satyanarayanchi Pooja keli tar chalel ka. V krupaya timing sangu shakal ja

  24. Shashikant says:

    Whether Griha pravesh and Vastu shanti are same? If not can these two pooja be performed on the same day? Thankd

  25. Mahesh says:

    I want to do Vastu pooja in December ’18 please let me know the available muhurat .. thanks also Gruh pravesh date in dec’18

  26. Nandkumar V. Kakade says:

    I Want mahurt for vastu-shanti in margshirsh month my moon shine is Dhanu( saggitarius) please help me correct date time My name is Nandkumar V. Kakade no.9890954340 please SMS me.