Valandhara, Wife of Bhima

Valandhara was the princess of the Kashi Kingdom, and she was the wife of Bhima. Their son was Sarvaga, and after the end of Kurukshetra war, he had become the King of Kashi. In Mahabharata, she was mentioned as a pretty princess, with good qualities.

Once Bhima had seen her in a Swayamvara, and he won the other kings in the Swayamvara, and both of them were married. When Bhima’s mother Kunti met her daughter-in-law for the first time, she was very much attracted with her beauty and her good characteristics, and she blessed the couple.

She moved gently with Ma Draupadi and Kunti, and served them in a pleasing manner. Sarvaga had learned magic from his half-brother Ghatotkacha, and he also acquired Vedic education from learned scholars.It was Lord Krishna, who advised Bheema to participate in the Swayamvara of Valandhara. He also blessed the couple, and gave good advices to them. Bheema took Valandhara to Dwaraka and she met the wives of Lord Krishna. When Bheema and other Pandavas went to heaven, Ma Valandhara worshipped Lord Krishna, and as a result she had also attained salvation.

Most of the ancient noble women have attained salvation due to their good features. They must be considered as divine mothers, and we must worship them wholeheartedly. Some of the queens have also participated in the battle field along with their consorts, and they have attained a brave death. Some of their souls have become goddesses, and rest of them have attained salvation.

In most of the villages in India, we can find lot of village goddesses, who are very powerful, and they would be worshipped by the local villagers. At this present day life, reading about the life history of the noble women would help us to lead a disciplined life, and their souls would bless us, protect us from bad elements, and they would be with us in our every walk of life.


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