Uruvi, Wife of Karna

Uruvi was a princess of Pukhiya kingdom, and she was a charming lady, and contains pleasing manners, and she had chosen Karna as her husband, during the Swayamvara.

Even though, she spent her childhood days, along with Arjuna, she was very much impressed with the bravery and archery of Karna, and decided to marry him, and got married, and lived as a dutiful wife to Karna, and affectionately served him, till the end of her life.

Even though others didn’t like her, for choosing Karna as her husband, she stood firm on her decision, and married him. But compared with other characters of Mahabharata, she was not well known, and she was not mentioned in the Mahabharata in a detailed manner. She never showed any disrespect or hated Karna, even when he scolds her. She was considered as a very pious and a chaste woman, and acts as an example for others. She also was a devotee of Lord Krishna, and used to worship him from her heart.

After the death of Karna, she fell on the pyre of her husband Karna, and it is believed that after her death, she went to the Surya Loka, along with her husband Karna.

Let us worship the divine mother and be blessed.

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