Unique Surya puja in Tirupati on April 2, 2014

Unique Surya puja in Tirupati on April 2, 2014 – After much-awaited Surya puja mahotsavam wherein the sun rays touched the presiding deity of Lord Sri Veda Narayana Swamy in the only ancient temple that is dedicated to Matsyavatara incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu located about 70km from Tirupati, the temple is now all set for yet another major event of Matsya Jayanthi, which will be celebrated in a grand manner on April 2.

According to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, the temple was constructed by emperor Sri Krishnadeva Raya of Vijayanagar dynasty in 16th century. It stands as a classic example of Vijayanagara style of architecture. As per legends, it is believed that Lord Sri Vishnu killed the demon Somakudu here, taking the form of Matsya (fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and retrieved the Vedas from him.

“Therefore the grabha griha or the sanctum sanctorum, houses the image of Lord Vishnu in Matsya form along with Sridevi and Bhudevi on either sides. A peculiar feature of the idol is that it holds the Sudarshana Chakra, the weapon of Lord Vishnu, in prayoga style (meaning ready for release to kill demon),” observes a TTD statement here.

On Matsya Jayanthi, the day begins with Suprabhata Seva to lord by 5 am followed by Thomala and Sahasranamarchana. Later, the Matsya Jayanthi Utsavam, wherein the processional diety will taken out in steets between 6.30 am and 8.30 am . This ceremony is followed by Snapana Tirumanjanam from 9 am to 10 am. In the evening there will be procession of Lord on Garuda Vahana between 8.30 pm and 10.30 pm.

Courtesy – Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams.

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