Udaipur Jagdish Temple – Abode of Chaturbhuja Vishnu

Udaipur is such a city of Rajasthan state of India which comprises a large number of small-big and old-new temples of much importance. Although entire Rajasthan is housed with a large number of Hindu temples, yet Jagdhish temple which is one of the largest temple of Udaipur located here in the City Palace Complex of Udaipur is a very famous temple.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Mata Laxmi – one who protects universe while other Goddess of prosperity and wealth. The temple is made so splendid that the beauty of temple cannot be described in words. Devotees of far off places as well as nearby come to visit the temple.

Jagdhish temple’s pyramidal Spire, Porch and Prayer hall narrate the beauty of splendid Indo-Aryan architecture. 50 pillars have been installed in first and second story each. Intricate carvings on the pillars are very charming. The Spire of the main temple is near about 79 feet high and there are many sculptures of dancers, musicians, horse man and elephants on it, these sculptures are so striking that none can escape from being mesmerized of them.

The main shrine of Lord Jagshish is surrounded by the few other shrines of Lord Ganesha, God Sun, Ma Shakti and Lord Shriva. There is a huge elephant at entrance of main shrine besides slab with inscription referred to King Jagat Singh I. One more image of half man and half eagle made out of brass is called Garudha. The main image dedicated to God Vishnu with four arms is made out of black stone.

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