Uddhava, Friend of Sri Krishna & Compiler of Uddhava Gita (Hamsa Gita)

Uddhava is the friend of Lord Krishna. He was taught yoga and bhakti directly by Krishna. The discussions made between him, and Krishna is known as Uddhava Gita which is similar to that of Bhagavad Gita. Uddhava was a devotee and a dear friend of Krishna.

Uddhava realized the bhakti of gopikas on Lord Krishna was very great, and the relationship between them is similar to that of the God and his devotees.

And the bhakti spirit of gopikas cannot be measured by anyone and also cannot be imagined. He then realized that he also cannot compete with them with regard to their bhakti on Lord Krishna.

Lord Krishna’s famous teachings to Uddhavaare as follows:-

1. One should not be attached with deep love with anyone, since nothing is going to be permanent.

2. Everything will perish in due course of time. Hence always keep love on me and worship me, I will award you suitably based on your true love and bhakti on me. Trust me, that is enough to live your life peacefully.

3. Only if you realize me and my importance, you can be free from your birth cycle. Or otherwise you will have to permanently stay on this earth and have to suffer from miseries and sorrows and it will never come to an end at any time. Hence show your intense bhakti on me then I will release you from this life cycle, and help you to attain the divine bliss of god, and to reach the heavenly abode of Vaikunta.

4. Always chant my names and praise me with full bhakti, I will never leave you alone, and I will accompany with you, wherever you go.

5. Never forget me. Always remember me then you will be saved from the clutches of Kali Purusha.

6. Bhakti is the only way to eliminate the sufferings in life.

7. I am residing in everyone’s heart. But the main thing is that you must realize that I am living in your heart.

Uddhava was very much astonished to see Lord Krishna was shot on his left foot by a hunter’s poisoned arrow, and then he was consoled by Lord Krishna.
Udhwa is a village in Jharkhand which was named in honour of the saint Uddhava, a friend of Lord Krishna. And It is believed that Uddhava had lived in the village of Udhwa during dwaparayuga.


Uddhava was a friend of Lord Krishna, and his appearance also resembles him. According to him, Krishna was his friend, philosopher, guide and god. He was guided directly by Lord Krishna and took him to the spiritual path.

He was a great devotee of Lord Krishna, and finds his appearance on every object. During his period, he followed Lord Krishna’s teachings, and obeyed his orders and acted accordingly. He considers Lord Krishna as a divine avatar, and given him proper respect.
He was a learned scholar and a spiritual guru, who lived a saintly life, and also helped others in realizing the importance of Krishna, and chanted his names throughout his life with utmost faith and devotion on him, and got the divine grace of Lord Krishna.

Let us worship the great saint and be blessed.

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