Twelfth House in Horoscope (Vyaya Sthana in Vedic Astrology)

The Twelfth House is the house of losses and expenses. It indicates the loss, misery, expenditure, knowledge and aspects related to life after death of the native. It also indicates, if the native would suffer from any physical ailments.

The twelfth house also represents the loss of authority, loss of spouse, travel due to business, ancestral property and spiritual knowledge. The sleep disorders, mental imbalance, hospitalization, feet, left eye and death are indicated by this house.

Effects of Sun in Twelfth House : When Sun is benefic, the native will have a good family life and steady source of income. Malefic Sun will indicate depression and loss from machinery.

Effects of Moon in Twelfth House : When Moon is benefic, the native will be a good businessman and earn profits. Malefic Moon will cause lack of sleep and peace of mind and affect the mother of the native adversely.

Effects of Mercury in Twelfth House : When Mercury is benefic, the native will be blessed with a long life and happy family life. Malefic Mercury will spoil the sleep of the native and affect his peace of mind.

Effects of Venus in Twelfth House : When Venus is benefic, the native will be supported and protected by his wife. Malefic Venus will indicate health problem to the wife.

Effects of Mars in Twelfth House : When Mars is benefic, the native will get lots of wealth and enjoy a comfortable life. Malefic Mars will indicate that he will have lots of obstacles in his life.

Effects of Jupiter in Twelfth House : When Jupiter is benefic, the native will be wealthy and powerful. Malefic Jupiter will indicate that he will lose peace of mind and get into troubles.

Effects of Saturn in Twelfth House : When Saturn is benefic, the native will not have any enemies and enjoy a good family life. Malefic Saturn will make him addicted to alcohol and destroy his life.

Effects of Rahu in Twelfth House : When Rahu is benefic, it will give good results and the native will lead a comfortable life. Malefic Rahu will give him mental agony and lead to lack of sleep and difficulty in making ends meet.

Effects of Ketu in Twelfth House : When Ketu is benefic, the native will be wealthy and achieve high status in life. Malefic Ketu will indicate lack of progeny and peace of mind.

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