Second House in Horoscope (Dhana Bhava in Vedic Astrology)

The second house in the horoscope denotes wealth. This house also indicates the family life of the native. Here, the information on what are the positive effects (effects if planets are benefic) and negative effects (effects if planets are malefic) is given.

When planets in this house are favourable to the native, he will attain lots of wealth and happiness.

When the planet ruling second house gets malefic, the native may not have a good family life and lose his wealth also.

The second house is also commonly referred as Marak Bhava, Dhan Bhava, Kutumb Bhava, Vaak Bhava and Panfar Bhava. It denotes property, wealth, speech, family life of the native.

Second house represents the face, mouth, cheeks, eyes, throat, tongue and chin. Jupiter is the Lord of the second house. When Jupiter is positioned in the second house, the house will become strong.

Effects of various planets in 2nd House

Effects of Sun in Second House : When Sun is benefic, he will be independent, skilled in handiwork and helpful to his family members. Malefic Sun will indicate enemity with family members and dispute with regards to property.

Effects of Moon in Second House : When Moon is benefic, it will give good results with the support of Jupiter and Venus. Malefic Moon will deprive the native of Progeny.

Effects of Mercury in Second House : When Mercury is benefic, the native will be intelligent and lucky and blessed with a long life. Malefic Mercury will spoil the relations with sister and daughter.

Effects of Venus in Second House : When Venus is benefic, he will be blessed with good wealth and property. Malefic Venus will be harmful for the business associated with agriculture and cattle.

Effects of Jupiter in Second House : When Jupiter is benefic, it will give him wealth and honour along with a good family life. Malefic Jupiter will be harmful for the business associated with gold or jewellary.

Effects of Mars in Second House : When Mars is benefic, he will get lots of wealth. Malefic Mars will put him into unnecessary quarells and spoil the peace of mind.

Effects of Saturn in Second House : When Saturn is benefic, he will be polite and wise with a religious temperment. Malefic Saturn will create trouble for the in laws of the native.

Effects of Rahu in Second House : When Rahu is benefic, he will have money, status, long life and will live the life of a King. Malefic Rahu will make him poor and have health problems and a bad family life.

Effects of Ketu in Second House : When Ketu is benefic, he will travel a lot and get good ancestral property and family life. Malefic Ketu will make travel fruitless effort and invite more expenditure.

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