Tumburu (Tumbaru, Tumbara) | Celestial Musician & Singer



In Hindu religious history, Tumburu is the best among singers and is a great musician of Gandharvas. He composed music and songs in the courts of Divine gods.


Tumburu is described as the son of sage Kashyapa and his wife Pradha. Tumburu often is described as the best among Gandharvas. He sings in presence of gods. Similar to Narada, he is also regarded as the king of songs. According to ancient puranas, Narada is considered to be the teacher of Tumburu.

Narada and Tumburu are said to sing the glories of god Vishnu. Adbhuta Ramayana mentions that Tumburu was the best of all singers and was rewarded by god Vishnu. Narada,once became jealous of Tumburu. And then Vishnu tells Narada that Tumburu performs his music well than that of Narada, and sent Narada to an owl named Ganabandhu, to learn music.

After learning from the owl, Narada went to Tumburu’s house, there he sees Tumburu surrounded by wounded men and women, and he discovers they are the musical Ragas and Raginis, who were badly injured by his bad singing. Felt ashamed, Narada leaves the place and learns proper singing from Lord Krishna’s wives.

Thumburu is described as a follower of Kubera and his songs will usually be heard in the court of Kubera. Tumburu teaches Gandharvas in music and singing and is described as a “Lord of Gandharvas”, for his music. Tumburu is sometimes mentioned as a sage, rather than a Gandharva.

Tumburu often appears as an horse-faced sage. He holds the instrument Veena and sings. After pleasing Shiva by his penance, Tumburu has asked Shiva to grant him a horse-face and immortality. Shiva blessed him and granted the boons that he sought.

Thumburu Theertham at Tirumala

Once Sage Tumburu cursed his lazy wife to become a toad and to live in this lake. After some time, Sage Agasthya arrived at this theertha and described the merits of the theertha to his disciples. On hearing his words, she regained her form of gaandharva again.


Tumburu who is a divine sage and a great musician is a great devotee of lord shiva, and also a devotee of lord Vishnu. He will grants our wishes and fulfills our desires. He bless us with a healthy and happy life.

Let us worship him continuously, and chant his nama “OM SHREE THUMBURUVE NAMAHA”.


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