Tulasi Maadam

Tulasi known as Holy Basil is a sacred plant according to Hindu tradition and customs. Hindus worship Tulasi as a form of Ma Lakshmi Devi.She is considered as the holy incarnation of Ma Lakshmi, and some interesting stories are associated with her. Tulasi plant can be grown in our houses for getting good prosperity in our lives. Usually the Tulasi plant would be grown in mud pots ranging from small to big, and in big houses, Tulasi plants would be grown in a specially prepared brick structure, also known as Tulasi Maadam.

Tulasi is also considered as a form of Gandaki River which is situated in Nepal. It is a common practice in the ancient households to compulsorily keep the holy Tulasi plant in their gardens or in their terrace. The holy plant would be watered by the family members, and during early morning, the family women, would circumambulate the Tulasi plant, and would worship the holy Tulasi by chanting some divine mantras. It is believed that those who sincerely worships Tulasi and properly maintains the holy plant at their homes, would get all sorts of comforts and happiness in their lives, and after their death, they would attain salvation.

Tulasi plants are grown in some Vishnu temples and also in Raghavendra Mutts. Tulasi is very much liked by Lord Vishnu, and in Srimad Bhagavatham the sanctity of Ma Tulasi is mentioned. Tulasi can also be consumed for getting relieved from cough and cold and from fever. It contains medicinal properties and it is also used as an Ayurveda medicine. Similar to keeping the divine animal dogs in our houses, it is a must for us to grow Tulasi plants in our homes.

Ancient saints, sages and kings would grow Tulasi plants in their places, and would worship her sincerely. Instead of simply thinking it as an ordinary plant, we can know about its significance by reading about it in detail from the Bhagavatham and Vishnu Purana. Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita tells, “If you worship me wholeheartedly even by offering me a small leaf of Tulasi, I would be very much satisfied and would give goodness in your lives”.
Daily we are spending our time seriously by doing our regular office works, and in our leisure timewe are spending our time by watching Television. We can also allot some time for growing these holy plants in our homes, for our better future.


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