Tukaram Gatha | Collection of Poems by Sant Tukaram

Sant Tukaram

Sant Tukaram

Tukaram Gatha was a collection of wonderful poems, which was written in Marathi by Sant Tukaram, who was a famous 17th century Varkari Saint. Tukaram was an ardent devotee of Lord Vitthala, a form of Lord Krishna. Tukaram was born in Maharahstra, and he was very famous in writing Abhangs, poetry which is sung continuously without any stoppage till the end.

Some of the contents present in the Tukaram Gatha are as follows:-

I feel happiness at all the times, since I am able to see your presence within me.

You are always the delicious sweet for your devotees, and you are adding sweetness in their lives.

I touch your divine feet with full of happiness in my mind.

Wonderful ornaments and precious earrings are adorned to your idol, which adds more beauty to you, Hey Panduranga!

Till you eat the holy Prasad offered by me, I will not be in patience.

After seeing your divine beauty, I don’t want my eyes to see the other ordinary things around me.

Be Quick.Let’s meet our beloved Pandharinatha in the temple.

Lord Garuda is becoming more and beautiful, since he is holding you on his shoulders.

The Crown present on your head is shining like the bright sun.

I Consider Lord Vitthala as my friend, and hence there is no fear for me.

I want to live my life joyfully by praising Lord Vitthala throughout my life.

Lord Vitthala, please stay permanently with me and don’t go back now. Let’s go home.

I don’t have any other work to do, except in singing and praising about you.

I wonder how people are living their life without worshipping you.

I want to eat only the holy Prasad of Lord Vitthala and I hate all other food which is not offered to him.

Even in my dreams, I want to only see the face of Lord Vitthala.

In my each breath, Lord Vitthala is there.

Oh Lord Vitthala, by seeing your lovely face, I am able to control my senses, and I am able to develop lot of good things in my life.

Oh Lord Vitthala, you are affectionate to all of your devotees, and you are showering your immense blessings on them.

Oh Lord Vitthala, with your divine touch, you have healed the diseases of your devotees, removed their sufferings, and you have shown the bhakti path to them.

Oh Lord Vitthala, please give the spiritual pleasure to everybody in this earth and make them to get permanent happiness in their lives.


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