TTD Karthika Parva Deepotsavam on 13 December 2016

TTD Karthika Deepotsavam on 13 December 2016.. The hill shrine of Tirumala will be observing the festival of lights on the auspicious Pournami day in the holy month of Karthigai on December 13, where in dazzling lights of ghee lit lamps a part of Karthika Parva Deepotsavam in the bright full moon night.

Among the list of important Hindu festivals, Karthika Parva Deepotsavams also happens to be the one, especially during Karthika month. The occurrence of this festival takes place when the moon is in juxtaposition with the constellation Karthika and Pournami.

Every temple, house hold is being lighted with lamps as it is believed that the ghee lit lamps protects against evil forces and guide the humanity towards prosperity and joy.

The entire temple premises starting from Main Entrance – Mahadwaram to Sanctum sanctorum- the Garbha Griham, Sub-Shrines etc. in and around Tirumala temple will be lighted with a 100 ghee lit mud pot lamps which are exclusively prepared for the purpose known as “Moookullu”. The temple assumes additional beauty in the brightness of ghee lit lamps.

TTD has cancelled Vasanthotsavam and Sahasra Deepalankara Seva in connection with this festival on Tuesday.

The temple will be decorated with ghee lit lamps in mud pots called Mukullu specially made for this purpose.

It will be a visual treat to see the glow of the shrine in the pleasant full moon night in the natural brightness of the lamps.

TTD has also cancelled Pournami Garuda Seva following this festival.

Meanwhile this festival of lights will take place in Tirumala temple between 5pm and 7pm on December 13.

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