Trishula Snanam at Kapila Teertham Temple, Tirupati

Trishula Snanam at Kapila Teertham Temple, Tirupati on 26 February 2017..

Like Chakrasnanam in Sri Vaishnavaite temples which is usually performed to Sri Sudarshana Chakrattalwar, TRISHULA Snanam has been observed with religious fervour in Lord Shiva temple at Kapilateertham in Tirupati on Sunday.

After performing snapanam to the utsavarulu and the prime weapon of Lord Shiva-TRISHULA, the holy weapon of Trident is immersed one sacred waters of the temple tank amidst the chant of VEDIC hymns by temple priests as per Saivagama at 11am. The devotees who thronged to witness the holy fete immersed in waters at the auspicious moment of immersion of Trishula chanting “HARA HARA MAHA DEVA SAMBHO SANKARA”.

Meanwhile TRISHULA-the trident represents the three fundamental aspects of life. These are the three fundamental dimensions of life that are symbolized in many ways. They can also be called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. These are the three basic nadis – the left, the right and the central – in the pranamaya kosha, or the energy body of the human system. Nadis are pathways or channels of prana in the system. There are 72,000 nadis that spring from the three fundamental ones and decides the life cycle of a human being. So Trishula-the chief weapon of Lord Shiva signifies that it decides the living style of an individual.

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