Don’t think Too much about your Health

As per the sayings of the great saint, Sri ShirdiSai Baba, we should not think too much about our health. Everybody in the world would be suffering either from big or small health related issues in their lives. Though we cannot bear the pain of our sufferings, yet we have to control ourselves, when we suffer from some incurable diseases. All of our diseases which we face are caused due to our past birth sins only. Though we didn’t know what we have committed in our past births and the exact reason for our sufferings, but the result would definitely come to us, and due to that, we have to suffer a lot in our lives.

We can notice that some people would be having very good physique and they also look very cheerful in their lives. Some might be even non-believers of god, but they look very healthy. All these things are happening in their lives due to their karmas committed in their past births. Once a patient asked to a doctor about his recovery, then the doctor told to him, it would take some time, and stopped for a while. Then the patient again eagerly asked whether he would be recovered from his diseases after some time. Then the doctor smiled at him and said, No, No, even if you take medicines regularly, you would have to suffer from this kind of rare disease throughout your life, but the only thing is, in course of time, you would be accustomed with this disease.

Likewise, nowadays, for some kind of diseases, there is no medicine. We have to suffer from the body related ailments till our death. Medicines would reduce only the severity of our diseases, but there is no assurance for permanent recovery for some rare diseases. The only thing which we can do is to forget about our health, and must divert our attention on the almighty. We can also consume the sacred ash (Udi) of Shirdi Baba, Mritigai (Holy sand) of Guru Raghavendra along with water. We have to involve ourselves in full of spiritual thoughts, and must chant the holy names of the saints, gods and the goddesses. By doing that, in course of time, we can find some good change in our body, and slowly, we would be completely relieved from our various health related issues.

Bhakti only would remove our all sorts of problems, and without that, we cannot survive in our lives. If we suffer from poor health, even our near and dears may not look after us properly. God is the best doctor, who would relieve both our physical as well as our mental diseases based on our constant prayers.


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