Thiruvathirai Kali | Arudra Darshanam Naivedyam for Lord Nataraja

Thiruvathirai Kali is a delicious food item, prepared using Jaggery, and it would be offered to Lord Nataraja in the Shiva temples, during the time of Arudra Darshanam Festival, and it would be later offered to the devotees.

This Kali is made out of Rice, jaggery, dal and coconut. In Chidambaram, Thiruvalangadu and Srisailam Temples, during Arudra Festival, special Kali would be prepared and after offering it to Lord Nataraja, the hot and delicious divine Kali would be served to the devotees.
Thiruvathirai Kali is prepared by the Shiva devotees since ancient times.

The name sweet Kali is mentioned in some Tamil Holy texts of Hinduism. Once Lord Shiva tasted this Kali in the house of one of the Nayanmar saints and after eating this Kali by Lord Shiva, he had given salvation to him.

Similar to the parents preparing the liked food for their children, we are also offering the favourite food to the gods and goddesses on the auspicious festival days. As per Puranas, the great Bhakta Prahalada used to prepare a kind of sweet item made out of jaggery to Lord Narasimha, and it is believed that Lord Narasimha would appear before him, and would taste the delicious sweet item in front of him, by smiling and gently nodding his head on him, as an act of appreciating his sincere bhakti.

The Shaivite saints used to visit Lord Shiva temples during Arudra Darshanam festival day, and would sing wonderful songs on Lord Shiva, and after that, they would offer delicious Kali to Lord Shiva. It is also believed that whoever consumes Kali on the auspicious Thiruvathirai festival day, would be relieved from their diseases, and would get goodness in their lives.
Let us worship Lord Chidambaram Nataraja and be blessed.


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