Thiruvathirai and Lord Shiva

shiva pradosh vrata

shiva pradosh vrata

Thiruvathirai is one of the 27 star goddesses and she is the consort of Lord Chandra Bhagavan, and she is situated far away from the earth.Devotees would worship Lord Shiva in the famous Shiva Temples like Chidambaram Nataraja Temple and Thiruvalangadu Shiva Temple during Margazhi month, on the Thiruvadirai festival day.

During the time of Thiruvadirai festival day, the holy Thiruvadirai star would brightly shine in the sky, and the Thiruvadirai festival is also known as Arudra Darshanam. As per legend, during the Thiruvadirai festival day, Lord Shiva had given his divine appearance to Sages Patanjali and Vyakkirapadar at the Chidambaram Natarajar Temple.

Ancient Shaivite saints have sung about the significance of Arudra Darshanam, and it is believed that those who visit Lord Shiva at his temples during the Thiruvadirai festival day would get goodness in their lives, and all of their problems would be sorted out. The great female Shaivite saint, KaraikkalAmmaiyar had got the darshan of Lord Shiva during the Thiruvadirai festival day.

It is a must to worship Ma Thiruvadirai Star goddess on the auspicious Thiruvadirai festival day along with Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati, and in the year 2020, it is celebrated on 30.12.2020. Thiruvadirai Kali is also famous during Thiruvadirai festival day. Devotees would prepare Thiruvadirai Kali in their homes, and would eagerly offer it to Lord Shiva.

In Hinduism, lot of worshipful deities are there, and among them, the 27 star goddesses are considered as the worshipful mother goddesses, and they are the sisters of Ma Sati, a form of Ma Shakti Devi. They are also the beloved consorts of Lord Chandra Bhagavan and the daughters of Lord Daksha Bhagavan. Similar to the great star god, Lord Dhruva, they are also must be regularly worshipped, since they contains the features of Ma Parvati. By worshipping Ma Thiruvadirai on the auspicious Thiruvadirai festival day, we would get the blessings of her consort Lord Chandra Bhagavan, and her father Lord Daksha Bhagavan, who is one of the mind born sons of Lord Brahma.


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