Think Positive, but what to do when Mind turns Negative ?

Think Positive but what if mind turns negative no-watermark

Think Positive but what if mind turns negative no-watermark

Everyone says ‘Think Positive’, but what to do when our mind turns negative? This is a doubt raised by a devotee in Satsang of Sri Sri Ravishankar, Founder of Art of Living. Here is the reply from Guruji.

Make your body pure. Take some ‘Triphala churna’ around two to three times a week. If your digestive system is clean, your mind will also work properly. If you have constipation, your mind goes haywire. Purity of the body, by taking triphala, atleast once a week will also do. Ayurvedic medicines purify the body. Pranayama purifies the ‘prana’, the life force. Bhajans and songs purify the mind.

Knowledge purifies the intellect and makes it sharp. Charity purifies wealth. Two to three per cent of what we earn should be kept aside for social work. If you earn a thousand rupees and spend the entire income on yourself, that is not right. A minimum of two, three or even four per cent should be kept aside for social work.

Islam propounds ‘zakat’, where you have to spend at least ten per cent of your income on the society. This has also been mentioned in our religious scriptures which states that twenty per cent of our income must be spent on social work. Now, twenty per cent becomes too much and too impractical for you. So, you must spare three per cent at least. In today’s world (kali yuga), if you do even this much, it would be good enough. Just like you purify wealth by charity, similarly you purify food by ghee (Clarified butter).

The Maithili Brahmins used to say that pouring half/one spoon of ghee on rice will purify it. Some people think that this is a superstition that we are following. However, a cardiologist once said that if we eat rice without ghee, it converts into simple sugar very quickly. And then we face diseases like Diabetes and heart problems. If we add only one spoon of ghee to it, it is converted to complex carbohydrates, the digestion slows down and you will never face Diabetes or heart problems. This is what cardiologists say. So what our forefathers used to say is true. It is a similar case with turmeric or ‘haldi’. You can’t cook without it. People in all places, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, use turmeric.

Thirty years ago, people in India used to say that turmeric is just a pigment and it has no value. America researched on it and proved that it is an anti-oxidant and has cancer prevention capabilities. And it is now that we have started using it again. In ancient times, there were no cases of cancer in our country. But now everywhere you find people suffering from cancer. Earlier, turmeric was used a lot. It was called a systematiser or ‘vyavasthapak’ in Ayurveda. So, we will have to revert to Ayurveda again. It has many such remedies that the world respects today.

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  1. Mahendra Prasad says:

    How true . Our old systems are really great.