Thaal Barun | Ritual of Kashmiri Pandits a night before Navreh

Thal Barun Kashmir Pandits Navreh

Thal Barun Kashmir Pandits Navreh

Thaal Barun (Thal Barun) is a ritual observed on the night prior to Navreh, the Kashmiri New Year. It is popularly celebrated by Kashmiri Pandits. In 2022, Thaal Barun date is April 1. And April 2 is Navreh.

On the night prior to Kashmiri New Year (Chaitr Sud Okdoh), the eldest lady of the house fills a big plate (Thali) with uncooked rice and arranges various items on it. The new Janthari occupies an important place with a twig of fresh seasonal flowers, some coins, walnuts (three, five or seven), a small mirror, a Katori filled with Yoghurt, a pinch of salt, a lump of cooked rice, a pen with an ink pot, a golden ornament (a ring or a bangle), a piece of bread or Kulcha etc as per the family traditions are placed on this rice filled Thali. The ritual is called ‘Thal Barun’.

On the early morning of Navreh before sunrise all family members have a Darshan of all this Thali with all the items placed on it and look their faces especially in the mirror and the ritual is called ‘Buth-Vuchun’.

All the things arranged on the rice filled Thali have a special significance. The rice being the principal diet of Kashmiris guarantees abundance, the walnuts ensure regeneration and stability, coins and gold ornament prosperity, the pen and ink-pot education, wisdom and knowledge, curds fullness and stability. Seeing one’s face in the mirror on the early morning of Navreh dispels all evil influences if present in the house and guarantee a carefree time ahead. The walnuts are thrown into the flowing water and the rice used for making a yellow cooked rice called Taher and is taken as Prasad.

This article is contributed by Shri Prahlad Bhat. PC : Twitter

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