Tallest Ganesh Idols 2011 in Vizag of 108 feet and 94 feet for Ganesh Chaturthi, Two Biggest Ganapathi Idols in the World

Vizag (Visakhapatnam) will have the tallest & biggest Ganesh idols for 2011 Ganesh Chaturthi with 120 108 & 94 117 feet height. Gajuwaka Lanka Maidanam Ganapathi idol will create a new record with the height of 108 feet whereas the MVP Colony AS Raja Grounds Ganesh idol will be of 94 feet height. These two are perhaps the world’s biggest & tallest Ganesh idols this year.

Both the giant Ganesh idols are constructed in eco-friendly manner with clay, dry-grass and eco-friendly water-based colours. The clay used in the construction of these idols is brought from Kashi (Varanasi) & Kolkata. The artisans from Anakapalli are working for 108-feet idol since a month.

Sampat Vinayaka Visakha Youth Association (SVVYA) is the organizing the 94 120-feet Ganesh idol mandap. The idol will carry a mammoth 2500 6,339 kgs laddu in its hand.

Images of Tallest Ganesh idol of 120-feet in Vizag

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  1. T S N MURTHY says:

    2500 kg laddu will prepare by sri bhaktanjaneya sweets in tapeswaram

  2. manikanta says:

    Tallest ganesh made in vizag.The city has so many tourist spots for this month it added another two best places to visit. Thanks for the such wonder. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

  3. Yamir says:

    94 feet tall ganesh idol in vishakapatnam on ganesh chaturti 2012

  4. Raajeev says:

    Ganesha Idol 117 feet tall of Visakhapatnam in 2012

  5. Vithala says:

    vinayaka chavithi 2013 biggest vinyaka in visakhapatnam images

  6. Madnashini says:

    108 feet tall ganesh idol in vizag photos