Why we take guidance of astrology when death is ultimate truth of life

Why we take guidance of astrology when death is ultimate truth of life?

Are you asking this for yourself or for somebody else? If you are asking for yourself then just become aware that all of us are going to die, for sure. The important thing is that while we live, we shall be happy and have fun in all that we do.

While man is alive, he usually gets entangled in thinking, ‘Oh, what will happen to me? What if there are some difficulties tomorrow? How will I be happy?’

This urges him to acquire wealth for a sense of security. The main aim of life is to be happy and comfortable with what we have, but often the path one takes brings misery instead of happiness. This is utter foolishness.
So what does an intelligent person do? An intelligent person knows for sure that God is with them, God loves them and belongs to them, so they don’t need to worry about anything. This feeling of deep faith gives them confidence. This is the secret of confidence. So they are able to do and achieve what they want.

See, if you are in the driving seat then you can turn the car in whichever direction you want, and spirituality gives you that strength to go where you want to. Hasn’t this happened for you? How many of you here have experienced that whatever you wish for starts happening? (Many in the audience raise hands in agreement).

This is the magic of being in knowledge, of having tasted the nectar of the spiritual path.

What is the use of behaving like a beggar all the time? There is a saying, ‘Ram jharoke baith sabka mujra le’ (Meaning: Repose in the faith of the Divine and see everything as a passing event). So when the connection with the Divine happens, no matter where you are, you can achieve and get what you wish for. Whatever blessing you give starts to manifest. Many of you have had this experience. This is the great wealth of spiritual knowledge.

We have such great knowledge with us in this country but many people are not even aware of it. People go to the temple, just break a coconut, give money to the priest to perform Aarti (act of rotating the sacred lamp before the deity) and keep wondering on how to improve their life. They come back home and get stuck again in craving and aversion, criticizing others, belittling others, and getting entangled in feelings of jealousy and greed. They spend their whole life like that.

To improve your life you should find joy in spirituality. Once you find this joy, do not run away from your family responsibilities; stay at home and attend to your family responsibilities also. Balance both so that your spiritual life as well as your family life improves.

This is such beautiful knowledge and this is what we must practice also.

Note – Its an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s discourses at Art of Living satsang.

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