Prabodhini Ekadashi 2022 | Bodhini Ekadasi

Prabodhini Ekadashi, also known as Bodhini Ekadasi, is observed on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi. In 2022, Prabodhini Ekadashi date is November 4. It is also called as Dev Utthana Ekadashi. It is believed that on this day, Lord Vishnu wakes up from his Yoga Nidra (cosmic sleep). 4 November 2022 – Smarta Prabhodini Ekadashi, Vaishnava, Bhagvat […]

Dev Utthana Ekadashi, 4 November 2022 | Prabhodini, Kartik Ekadashi

Lord Vishnu

4 November 2022 is Dev Utthana Ekadashi, Prabhodini Ekadashi, Kartik Ekadashi, Haribhodini Ekadashi, Bada Ekadashi, Garuda Ekadashi, Kaisika Ekadashi, Tulasi Ekadashi, etc.. Smarta Ekadashi is observed on 4 November and Madhwa (Vaishnava, Bhagavat) Ekadashi is also observed on 4 November 2022. It is also called as Dev Utthana Ekadashi. It is believed that on this […]

Kartik Puja in Varanasi: Kartik Snan & Tulsi Pooja on Kartik Ekadasi

Kartik Puja is observed on Shukla Paksha Ekadashi in the month of Kartik along the River banks of Ganga in Varanasi. In 2020, Kartik Puja date in Varanasi is November 25-26. This Ekadashi day is also called as Prabhodini Ekadashi, Bhodini Ekadasi, Utthana Ekadasi or Dev Utthana Ekadashi. On this day, Tulsi Vishnu Vivah is […]

Ekadashi November 2014 dates

Ekadashi November 2014 dates, when is Ekadashi in November 2014, Ekadashi Vrat in November 2014… In November 2014, both the Ekadashi vrata are highly meritorious. Utthana Ekadashi / Prabhodini Ekadashi / Haribhodini Ekadashi (November 3) and Utpanna Ekadashi / Utpatti Ekadashi (November 18) are observed in this month. Prabhodini Ekadashi (Utthana Ekadashi) Prabhodini (Vishnu Prabhodanotsav) […]