King Bhumanyu | Son of Bharata

Bhumanyu was the son of Bharata, and he was mentioned in Mahabharata. He was born from the Yagna performed by his father Bharata, and hence he got great powers, and he is also considered to be an amsha of Lord Agni Dev. He was also called as Vitatha. Similar to his father Bharata, he prosperously […]

Bharata’s Hunger Strike in Rama Vanavasa

Hunger strike is a type of non-violent act, in which the participants would fast as an act of protesting the politicians, and to express their feeling, in order to achieve a particular target, such as changes in the government policies, rules and regulations. The people who are participating in hunger strikes would usually take only […]

Shakuntala in Mahabharata | Wife of Dushyanta, Mother of King Bharata

According to Mahabharata, Shakuntala is the wife of Dushyanta and the mother of the great king Bharata. Poet Kalidasa has also written a text on the life history of Mata Shakunthala. Rishi Kanva found her in the forest as a baby, and he took her to his ashram and looked after her in a proper […]